23. 05. 2016
Surfing Siberia - Arctic Ocean winter surf and camping [featured image] (Small)

Surfing Siberia: an Arctic Ocean surf Odyssey…under the Northern Light

When we talk surfing we logically imagine a warm tropical place with sandy beaches and lush waves rolling in. Well forget all that when you find out about a group of kickass surfers who...

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11. 05. 2016
The smile of the sun, Greenland Inuit in the Canary Islands (1)

The Smile of the Sun: the unlikely Trip of Greenland Inuit to the Canary Islands

What would happen if you took a group of Inuit people, that are used to only ice and snow and below freezing temperatures, and put them in a place with the best and...

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26. 04. 2016
Tim Fitzhigham paddles Paper Boat down River Thames

Tim Fitzhigham paddles a Paper Boat down The River Thames breaking a 383-year old record

Tim Fitzhigham is the kind of chap that keeps on engaging in one kickass adventure after another one. And his next one involves a paper boat, the river Thames and a 383 year...

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22. 04. 2016
Hyper Travel Georgia (Tbilisi nightview)

Hyper Travel Georgia – a visual treat that will blow your mind

Georgia the country is one of my personal favourite travel destinations in the world. The country, that gets often confused with its namesake US state, boasts some of the most stunning landscapes in...

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17. 04. 2016
Around the Next Bend - rafting adventure Ganges Delhi to Dhaka (featured image) (Small)

Around the next bend: A 2500km Ganges Rafting adventure from New Delhi to Dhaka

A lot of kickasstrips are dreamed up over one too many alcoholic beverage in the pub. In similar fashion Dustin Corkery and Adrian Traquair had a vodka infused epiphany while playing a game...

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14. 04. 2016
Bathtub sailing the Amazon - Rob Dowling

Dub in a Tub: Dubliner Rob Dowling sails the Amazon in an epic Bathtub adventure

The sight must have been overly surreal. It was the 8th of May 2006 and Rob Dowling stepped into his bathtub boat in Iquitos Peru. He was about to float  5,471km down the...

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13. 04. 2016
The Long Way Up - Hasta Alaska VW kombi roadtrip (5)

The Long Way Up – Hasta Alaska’s communal VW Kombi Roadtrip from Chile to Alaska

Imagine a shared travel adventure where 100 people travel overland with one VW Kombi Van from Chile to Alaska…. Now imagine doing this for 1000 days straight….. With 10 engine breakdowns and 10...

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04. 04. 2016
The Straight story_a lawnmower roadtrip journey (5)

The Straight Story: a Lawnmower Road Trip at 5mp/h turned Oscar Nominated Movie  

“The Straight Story” is the kickass tale of Alvin Straight, a grumpy and asocial former truck driver and laborer, who aged 73, arthritic, and nearly blind, took it upon himself to make a...

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02. 04. 2016
Vladislav Ketov cycling the edge of earth (route map 1)

Cycling the Edge of Earth: Vladislav Ketov rides 162,000km along the World’s Coastlines

Vladislav Ketov, a Russian artist, set out in 1991 on his bicycle with the insane goal of cycling the entire coastline of the Earth! He literally went to cycle following the coastlines of...

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31. 03. 2016
Julian Sayarer Life Cycles riding around the world (Small)

Life Cycles: London Bike Courier Cycles RTW in 169 Days…as retaliation to Mark Beaumont

Julian Sayarer grew up riding a bicycle. Working as a bike courier in London he was a cycling purist that loved his job and loved his bike. When in 2008 he heard about...

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30. 03. 2016
The AnTiki - A Transatlantic Sailing Trip in a Garden Shed on a Raft (4 small)

The Antiki: A Transatlantic Sailing Trip in a Garden Shed on a Raft

On 30 January 2011 Anthony  Smith an 85 year old adventurer,  and a crew of three volunteers departed from La Gomera in the Canary Islands in a custom-built raft with a garden shed...

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29. 03. 2016
Tuk tuk travels (3)  (Small)

Tuk Tuk Travel: Two Teachers drive 42,000 km around the world in a Tuk Tuk

16 months, 42,000 kilometer, through 39 countries in a three-wheeled Tuk Tuk, that ubiquitous means of transport in many parts of Asia. That’s what Nick Gough and Richard Sears did and now they...

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28. 03. 2016
blindsight - six blind Tibetan kids climb Everest (1)

Blindsight: the unlikely story of how 6 Blind Tibetans kids climbed Mount Everest

In Tibetan culture blind children are believed to be possessed by demons, and as a result the children are shunned by their parents, scorned by their villages and rejected by society.  Six of...

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27. 03. 2016
motorbike touring

25 Greatest Motorcycle Touring & Travel Documentary Films

Traveling by motorcycle is one of the most liberating ways of exploring the world. The art of adventure riding a motorcycle is both a convenient, fun, independent and flexible way of traveling. The...

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22. 03. 2016
Overlanding the Silk Road (1) (Small)

Overlanding the Silk Road

The Silk Road is one of the classic travel routes on earth. The Road that derived its name from the lucrative trade in Chinese silk carried out along its length has existed ever since...

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22. 03. 2016
Latitude 45 - Switzerland to Mongolia Roadtrip overland (Small)

Latitude 45 – A 4×4 Roadtrip from Switzerland to Mongolia in 90 days

Latitude parallels have inspired many a traveler to follow one of these iconic horizontal lines that you see every time you look at a world map. Some well known examples are  Mike Horn’s...

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20. 03. 2016
Grayson Perry pink motorbike 5 (Small)

Grayson Perry’s Pink Motorbike Pilgrimage with his Teddybear in a Shrine on the back

Turner prize winning artist Grayson Perry is known for his bizarre crossdressing as his alter ego ‘Claire’ and his even more bizarre, but highly acclaimed art! Not many people know about his kickass...

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17. 03. 2016
Tea bus traveling - Giuseppe Spadafora free tea party (8) (Small)

Tea Bus Travels: RoadTripping in a mobile teahouse serving free cups of tea

Guisepi Spadafora once worked full time as a video editor, in California, but gave that up for a life filled with travels and a never ending free flow of tea. Since 2006 he...

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09. 03. 2016
Wave skiing 1

Wave Skiing ‘Jaws’ the World’s Biggest Wave

Chuck Patterson, Mike Douglas and Cody Townsend are doing something that no one else in the world is currently attempting, “skiing” massive waves. They have single handedly created this one of a kind...

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26. 02. 2016
The Last Hurrah - Des Molloy arriving in Arnhem

The Last Hurrah – on Old Timer Panther & Norton Motorbikes from Beijing to Arnhem

The Last Hurrah is yet another fantastic motorcycle touring adventure tale about two elderly gentlemen who decide in 2005 to ride two real Old Timer motorbikes – a 1965 Panther 650 and a...

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20. 02. 2016
Amazon Hovercraft Expedition, 1969, the SNR6 (3)

By Hovercraft across South-America: 2500 miles from Manaus (Brazil) to Port of Spain (Trinidad)

David Smithers is probably the greatest hovercraft explorer ever. He led the 8000km Trans-Africa hovercraft expedition and was also the leader of the equally ambitious Amazon hovercraft expedition where they tried to find...

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17. 02. 2016
Impromptu shoot with the Super Cycling Man (Will Hodson )

SuperCyclingMan: Will Hodson cycles every Continent on Earth…dressed as Superman

His name is Will Hodson but he is better known as his alterego SuperCyclingMan. And super Cycling Man has embarked on a 5-year cycling adventure pedalling to and on every continent on earth,...

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16. 02. 2016
Skiing Volcano Ash - Etna 1

Skiing Volcanic Ash on Mount Etna in Italy & Mount Yasur in Vanuatu

  When winter is not around the corner and you are eager to hit some slopes and do some first descends then you have to be creative. Independently from each other, some ski...

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14. 02. 2016
Simon Reeve in Mogadishu, Somalia

Simon Reeve Travels in the Dangerzone to “Places that Don’t Exist”

Transniestria, Abkhazia, Somaliland, Nagorno-Karabakh, Ajaria, South Ossetia,……..these are just a few of the obscure, unknown and unrecognised countries in the world. There are dozens of these kind of non-official, breakaway states that you...

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13. 02. 2016
Alone on the Great Wall of China - William Lindsay

Alone on the Great Wall of China – Running the full Length of the Chinese Wall

William Lindsay has always had a deep fascination for the Great Wall of China. Ever since he was a child that long line on ancient maps kept him staring and imagining what this...

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12. 02. 2016
Chocolate Sherpa 2 (Small)

Chocolate Sherpa – A Chocolate Tasting Trek from Kathmandu to Everest Base Camp

Louis-Philippe Loncke is a kickass adventurer you might have seen covered on kickasstrips before. Locke – among other things – has trekked solo across the length of Australia’s Simpson Desert and in 2013...

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11. 02. 2016
Crossing Bhutan humanpowered journey (Small)

Crossing Bhutan: A human-powered Journey across the Happy Himalaya Kingdom

Bhutan is one of the world’s least accessible countries for travel. Yes you can go there but only by using a licensed Bhutanese tour operator while paying the daily tourism fee of $250...

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11. 02. 2016
Nutscaping, a travel photography trend (Small)

Nutscaping: a Travel Photography Trend where Men take Pics of their Balls

Taking original holiday pics is nothing new. But going so far as to drop your pants on your ankles, dangle out your ‘precious male package’ while snapping a picture in front of some...

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09. 02. 2016
Running & Driving through Moldovan wine tunnels

Running & Driving through the Moldovan Wine cellar tunnels

Few people have heard about the forgotten nation of Moldova. And even fewer people know that this country produces some of the world’s best wine and stores them in a 350km network of...

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29. 01. 2016
paragliding-in-the-aurora-borealis-in-tromso-norway 1

Paragliding across and through the Northern Light

The Northern Light – officially called the Aurora Borealis – is a natural phenomenon that is beyond stunning. The play of lights in the sky really is beyond beautiful and it should be...

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26. 01. 2016
Motobarber - just a normal barbershop haircut

Moto barber > Denis Yushin travels the Globe by Motorbike to Cut hair in Extreme Locations

Denis Yushin is the self-proclaimed “most extreme barber in the world”. And he has a point! And a mean pair of scissors and beard trimmers that he carries with him while he travels...

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09. 12. 2015
Traveling destinations...Go anywhere

Travel destinations…..Go Anywhere!

Often when you think about travelling the first thing that comes to mind is picking the right travel destinations. Indeed you gotta pick a cool spot to go to. But the options are...

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13. 11. 2015
Freeclimbing Eiffel tower James Kingston 1 (Small)

Freeclimbing the Eiffel Tower the non-touristy way

Daredevil James Kingston went to visit the Eiffel tower on November 8, 2015. It had been on his list of must-see places for a while so he finally went over. Logically he wanted...

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07. 11. 2015
Aladdin on his Magic Carpet in New York

Aladdin explores New York City on a Magic Carpet

We all know the story of Aladdin and his magic carpet. Well here are some guys that made it happen in reality in the middle of downtown New York city! Aladdin riding through...

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06. 11. 2015
80 days no regrets (Featured image)

Man Travels First Time Abroad, Spends 80 Days Traveling Around the World

Here is an extreme case of ‘catching the travel bug’! Chris Sypolt was never much of a traveler. He liked it back home and wasn’t keen at all to venture abroad anywhere outside...

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04. 11. 2015
Harry Bensely walking around the world with an iron mask 2

Round the World Travel Record Race that was sparked by Jules Verne’s Around the World in 80 Days

Jules Verne’s travel classic ‘Around the World in 80 Days’ was an instant sensation the moment it got published at the end of the 19th century. The main reason for this instant success...

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30. 10. 2015

Two Bearded Passengers randomly Seated On Plane Next To Each Other happen to be look-alikes

Imagine you are flying from London to Galway in Ireland for a short holiday. You enter the plane and look for your seat. Once you locate it, to your surprise, somebody is already...

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30. 10. 2015
Ride for Women's Rights (R4WR) jpeg (Small)

Ride for Women’s Rights: 4 Girls Cycle 2 Tandem bikes from Indonesia to Holland

Four girls, 400 days and 16,000 kilometers on two tandems. Lidewij Ponjee, Carlijn Bettink, Sophie van Hoof and Monique van der Veeken Rode from Indonesia to Holland on two bright red tandem bikes...

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23. 10. 2015
pregnant man world trip in Estonia

The Pregnant Man’s World Trip

Kota Hakoyama is a Japanese student who is currently traveling the world as “The Pregnant Man”! Don’t be confused, as Kota is not really pregnant himself, he is making his world trip wearing...

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20. 10. 2015
Rick's-Final-Route-by-ElliptiGO (featured image)

71-year old Rick Hermelin rides an ElliptiGo Coast-to-Coast across the USA

In 2012 71-year-old former Marine Rick Hermelin made history by riding an ElliptiGO bicycle coast-to-coast across the United States. His 2,926 Mile ride simultaneously set the world record for the world’s longest ElliptiGO...

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