25. 01. 2015
paddle a bouncy castle2 (Small)

Sailing a Batman Bouncy Castle to the Isle of Wight

Britain has a long tradition as a sea-faring nation. And even sailing crazy contraptions seems to be a truly British affair. After some mates sailed a bouncy castle across Lake Garda, and a...

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24. 01. 2015
World naked bike ride2 (Small)

Pedal in your Birthday Suit >> The World Naked Bike Ride

Under the slogan ‘dress less to impress’ & ‘ as bare as you dare’ thousands of people each year take of (almost) all of their clothes, jump on their bikes and ride through...

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21. 01. 2015
Irish dancing around the world1 (Small)

Three Irish lads Step Dance their way around the world to spread Irishness abroad

In May 2013 three Irish lads – Iain McNamara, Chris McGrath and Kevin Cobbe – left Ireland aka the Emerald Isle armed with a round the world ticket, a limited budget and a dodgy...

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20. 01. 2015
world biggest snowboard

Riding the World’s Biggest & Longest Snowboard

Here at kickasstrips we love kickass contraptions like the world’s biggest skateboard (which was crashed in spectacular kickass fashion). Next up in kickass-land is the world’s biggest snowboard. And there are actually three contenders...

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17. 01. 2015
100_0137 (Small)

Luca Tinello Travels overland from Italy to the North Cape for the 7th time, this time Hitchhiking

Luca Tinello, aptly nicknamed the Flying Viking (el Vichingo Volante), must be the world’s biggest fan of the North Cape (Nordkapp), Europe’s most northern landmass. So far he has traveled overland from his...

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14. 01. 2015
The Meeting in the Middle of the Great Wall of China (Small)

Lovers Abramović & Ulay Walk the Length of the Great Wall of China from opposite ends, Meet in the Middle and BreakUp

World notorious performance artists Marina Abramović and Ulay ended 12-years of intense personal love and shocking art collaboration, in 1988, with an art stunt never seen before. It was named “The Lovers: the...

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12. 01. 2015
After a small knee injury, I’m back. This dick has a beautiful head and curves gently to the left

#DickRun >> Claire Wyckoff uses Nike+ to draw GPS pictures of Dicks on her runs

Claire Wyckoff has found the ultimate motivation for going on her weekly runs: she uses Nike+ (and a bit of pre-running map research) to plot pictures of dicks on her runs! Or in...

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11. 01. 2015
Fearghal Jo

Get out of the Office and cycle to India

An office job in a big city somewhere in the world is the default way of making a living in the 21st century. Many people feel suffocated and unsatisfied with a lifestyle like...

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11. 01. 2015
maxresdefault (Small)

Return Of The Yak: Driving Into The Unknown to Mongolia – A Kickass Roadtrip Travel Documentary

Road trips are some of the best travel adventures you can have. They make you see, feel and smell the lands in between your departure and destinations. And the unknown that lies there...

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09. 01. 2015
Emma Disley walks up Mount Snowdon on stilts1

12-year old Emma Disley climbs 3,560 feet tall Mount Snowdon on Stilts

Walking on stilts is a mean feat by itself. If you are twelve and climb Wales’ highest mountain on them you are a little kickass mean machine!! On Aug 19, 1977 Emma Sian...

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01. 01. 2015
Seth Cohen number 7

Seth Cohen roams the Globe to Meet Every Other Seth Cohen in the World

New York resident Seth Cohen is on a kickass mission to track down and meet every single one of his namesakes in the world. He plans to travel all over the globe just...

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29. 12. 2014
80-ways-slideshow-safari-car (Small)

Around the World in 80 Ways

Around the world in 80 ways is another kickass travel adventure inspired by two travel classics:  It is a definite mashup of Jules Verne’s ‘Around the world in 80 Days’ and Charley Boorman’s...

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26. 12. 2014
Seat 22

Seat 22 – Trans-Siberian Odyssey from Moscow to Beijing in a 3-Min Video

The Trans-Siberian railway journey from Moscow to Beijing via Mongolia (often named Trans-Mongolian as well) is one of the world’s most iconic train trips. The 7622km journey takes 7 days of non-stop train...

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18. 12. 2014

Manon Ossevoort drives her Tractor – in 10 years – from Holland to the South Pole

Manon Ossevoort, adventurer, theatre maker and mom – or Tractor Girl as she is known by now – has made a trip that defies the word kickass. She started 10 years ago with...

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13. 12. 2014
roller coaster ride through your future house

Have a Roller Coaster ride through your future house

A smaller trip, through your own house, in a roller coaster, but so kickass that it has to be covered here nonetheless. Selling your house these days is quite a hassle. If you...

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11. 12. 2014
spinning selfie

1.5 year spinning selfie time-lapse travel video across Europe

GoPro travels videos are an inescapable phenomenon in the world these days. From Highfiving across the world, dancing badly around the world, growing an epic beard while hiking the PCT or walking across China. Now...

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02. 12. 2014

Chinese Woman gets Drunk on BaiJiu (白酒), Takes a dip in Yangtze River, Wakes up 75 km Downstream

Drinking BaiJiu – the default Chinese ricewine/vodka with a 50% alcohol percentage – is a compulsory drinking tradition for Chinese people while having dinner with friends or any other celebration whatsoever. 57-year-old Shen...

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01. 12. 2014

Abgefahren: How a 10-Month Motorcycle Trip turned in 16 Years around the World

Abgefahren – which translates to ‘Departed’ in English – is the German name of a book by well known world travelers Claudia Metz and Klaus Schubert covering their most unlikely 16 year trip...

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30. 11. 2014

Starbucking: Man travels to drink a coffee in every Starbucks in the world

Some people are addicted to Coffee. They drink it in the morning, afternoon and even just before going to bed. This ‘brown gold’s’ caffeine injection fuels them into greatness. A lot of kickass...

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29. 11. 2014
Simon Reeve, Tropic of Capricorn

Simon Reeve circles the World 3 times following the Equator, Tropic of Capricorn & Tropic of Cancer

Simon Reeve is quite a traveler as he has made it to over 120 countries. But he wanted more. So he tried to convince the BBC to send him on a trip around...

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27. 11. 2014
Kelly Slater surfs a Table

Kelly Slater Surfs on a Table, a Door, Guitar Case, Sled and Snowboard

Kelly Slater is literally the most kickass surfer in the history of competitive wave surfing. He is known for his competiveness and agressive style which has won him a record 11 World Championships...

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27. 11. 2014
A date with the strait1

Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) Crossing of the Bass Strait between Australia & Tasmania

Stand Up Paddle boarding – aka SUP – is one of those sports no one heard of a year or ten ago. Now it is one of the hippest boarding sports in the...

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17. 11. 2014
Around the world in 80 dinners (featured img)

Around the World in 80 Dinners…..or 800

Cheryl and Bill cashed in their whopping 440,000 frequent-flyer miles, packed 5 little bags with more food and cook books than clothes, and hit the road on a 3-month culinary odyssey around the...

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16. 11. 2014

Around the world in 80 Jobs

In another take on the popular tagline ‘around the world in 80 ……..’ Turner Barr has come up with a work and travel variant: Around the World in 80 Jobs. Work and travel...

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14. 11. 2014
Driving across America by myself (featured image)

Ari Fararooy’s American Road Trip from a unique perspective [VIDEO]

Ari Fararooy is one of our favourite kickass experimental travel videographers. He has come up with many an original take on a normal backpacking trip. Now he has released an experimental video of...

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13. 11. 2014
Babbage-Jump (Small)

Teddy Bear & Google Vice-President Alan Eustace beat Felix Baumgartner’s skydiving record

In 2012 Felix Baumgartner broke the world skydiving record in his highly publicized Red Bull Stratos event. With the backing of million of dollars in sponsorship by Red Bull Baumgartner was taken aloft...

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04. 11. 2014
gullible travels (featured pic)

Gullible’s Travels: The Adventures of a Bad Taste Tourist

British journalist and humorist Cash Peters, for years traveled his way around Europe and America for a hilarious and hugely popular BBC public radio series The Bad Taste Tours. It followed him visiting...

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01. 11. 2014

Horse Powered Wakeboarding New Zealand

We all know the kiwi’s got a special gene for inventing new adventures. They were the ones after all who crossed the Cook strait in bumper boats! Now Chloe Phillips-Harris a one of...

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30. 10. 2014

Why Do All the Locals Think We’re Crazy? A DIY Caribbean Kayak Adventure

Why Do All the Locals Think We’re Crazy? is the true story of three firemen from the Midwest who decided to break out of their mid-life routine and take their mischievous senses of...

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26. 10. 2014
stuart kettell

On a Penny Farthing from Land’s End to John O’Groats

Land’s End to John o’ Groats is the traversal of the whole length of the island of Great Britain between two extremities; in the southwest and northeast. It has always fascinated people and...

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16. 10. 2014
19 countries in 24 hours

Three Norwegians break world record by visiting 19 countries in 24 Hours

A team of three Norwegian travel madmen – Gunnar Garfors, Tay-young Pak and Oystein Djupvik – broke the world record of most countries visited in 24 hours on September 21, 2014. They managed to...

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13. 10. 2014
featured image

Watchtower of Turkey: a Hollywood Blockbuster style 3-Minute Visual Travel Treat

Filmmaker Leonardo Dalessandri recently spent 20 days in Turkey travelling almost 2,200 miles with his camera equipment in tow, capturing the video and time-lapse clips he eventually compiled into the 3-minute visual journey...

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07. 10. 2014
RTW in 80 seconds

Around the world in 80 Seconds

This amazing video by Romain Pergeaux and Alex Profit shows a journey around the cities of the world in 80 seconds through stop-motion. It was shot with a Sony HX5V compact camera, and...

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30. 09. 2014
Fredvang (Small)

10,000 Miles around Norway to create an Epic 5-minute Motion Time-Lapse Video

You must really love your country if you travel over 10,000 miles in half a year to document its landscape and scenery in a video just 5 minutes long. But if that country...

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28. 09. 2014

A game of Cricket on top of Mount Kilimanjaro

A group of international cricketers on Friday set a new record for the highest-ever match with a lung busting effort at the top of Kilimanjaro. The teams, including English bowling legend Ashley Giles...

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21. 09. 2014
Amelia 2014 (2) (Small)

Amelia Earhart Flies Around the World completing her namesakes mytical journey, 77-years after

On July 2, 1937 famed aviator Amelia Earhart went missing over the Pacific. At the time, she and her copilot Fred Noonan, were attempting to circumnavigate the globe aboard her Lockheed Electra aircraft...

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20. 09. 2014

Aurélien Dupuis Fakes a Cycling World-Tour by Vélib – the Paris public rental bike

Zilla van den Born recently made world headlines with her Fake Facebook Trip to Thailand in which she photoshopped herself traveling through South-East Asia – while in reality she sat home in Holland...

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19. 09. 2014
maxresdefault (Small)

FunForLouis >> A kickass World Adventure in 2-Minutes [Video]

Well-done Adventure and travel videos are never short of inspiration. Hence we can never get enough of them here at KickassTrips. And ‘FunForLouis’ has lived up to this job with an amazingly kickass travel...

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19. 09. 2014
Crazy Cathy Red Lion pub crawl1

Cathy’s Crazy Red Lion Pub Crawl: Cathy Price travels to have a drink in every ‘Red Lion’ Pub in the UK

Cathy Price, from Preston, Lancashire, has paid a visit to 500 different pubs named ‘Red Lion’ in Britain. In fact, she’s made it her life’s mission to visit every single Red Lion in...

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17. 09. 2014
00-dad_gulfoss_iceland_full_res-copy (Small)

Woman Travels the World with Cardboard Cutout of Her Late Father to Show Him the Places He never Saw

25-year-old Jinna Yang lost her father to stomach cancer two years ago. Although completely devastated by the loss, she decided that it was not too late to travel the world with her dad....

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