Tony Hawks Hitchhikes around Ireland with a fridge

On September 13, 2011 by MarcF

Definitely one of my personal favourites is this hilarious adventure from the hand of Tony Hawks – a standup comedian from England – also known as the fridge man!

One man, his thumb and a fridge on a mission

One man, his thumb and a fridge on a mission

On his only prior visit to Ireland, English songwriter-comic Tony Hawks had seen a man hitchhiking with a refrigerator. For years, this encounter served him well during late-night drinking story telling. In an ultimate, alcohol inspired epiphany (he should go for a drink with Dave Gorman), he decides to take on a drunken, 100 GBP, bet to hitchhike around Ireland with a fridge. Within one month he has to travel the circumference of Ireland with the sole help of his thumb and the generosity of the driving inhabitants of the Irish territory.

Out of this stupid premise, a ridiculously amusing book is born Round Ireland with a Fridge. Quickly discovered by the Irish media, the thumbing Englishman finds that he and his box fridge are elevated to celebrity status, and there’s no dearth of rides, places to stay or goofy people to meet, from kings to spoons players to locals who take his fridge surfing.

fridge surfing

The fridge man eventually makes it all the way around Ireland which ends with a glorious entry into Dublin, followed by his cult following, who were all invited to bring along their favourite kitchen appliance!

The world’s most well traveled fridge has recently gotten the leading role in a movie featuring this epic trip under the original title: Round Ireland with a fridge. Watch the movie here.

Another ‘fridge-freak’ has recently come to our attention, one that straps a fridge to his back and runs marathons for charity with it. Curiously this man goes by the name ‘Tony the Fridge’. His most kickass feat has been that he ran 1600km from john o’groats to lands end (meaning the length of the UK) with a fridge strapped to his back. More on this hero here.

fridge roadside

The fridge protagonist in this hitchhiking adventure – Tony Hawks – is frequently confused with the American whizz kid skateboarding champion Tony Hawk, largely because the latter’s video game franchise, “Tony Hawk’s” uses the possessive apostrophe.
The fridge man gets fanmail often. But intended for the skateboarder. The Fridge Man does not like this and therfore he maintains a list of emails intended for the skateboarder and his mischievous responses to them. They are listed on his website.

On 2 January 2008 he appeared on an edition of Celebrity Mastermind, with Tony Hawk (the skateboarder) as his chosen specialised subject. Hawks noted that his name sake “might be able to do backside varials but they can’t spell to save their lives”.
And they can’t hitch around Ireland with a fridge.

This is Tony Hawk                                     This is the fridge man

Clearly a follow up trip skateboarding a fridge around Ireland with the help of skateboard legend Tony Hawk should be his next venture!

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