For most golfers losing 509 balls in one game is just too much. They either go home or quit the sport altogether. Not so for the next person entering the ranks of kickass personalities: André  Tolmé, the man who golfed across Mongolia.

During a 2002 trip to Mongolia during a yearlong sabbatical from an engineering job, avid traveler and golfer Tolmé had a not-so-transcendent vision while slightly drunk: “This country is one giant golf course!” One year later, he began what is essentially a stunt—”to whack a little white ball across the natural terrain of an entire country that’s almost the size of California, New Mexico, and Texas combined”—that becomes the “grandest adventure” of his life.

During his extraordinary expedition Andre walked 1,320 miles (2,100 km) across the country of Mongolia while hitting a golf ball. He divided the country into 18 holes which followed dirt tracks, rivers, and nomadic herding trails from east to west across the land once ruled by Genghis Khan.

Along the way he taught many a Mongolian the art of golfing and spontaneous mini-golf sessions made him numerous new friends.

It took Andre 90 days and 12.170 hits with his 3-iron to complete the Mongolian golf course of 2.3 million yards while battling fierce Siberian winds. He schlepped his own food and water and carried more than 500 spare balls.

This more than epic journey, that he humouristically describes in his book ¨I golfed across Mongolia¨ got him the title ´golfer of the year 2004´ by the New York Times beating Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson easily.As impressive as his journey was Tolme modestly says his record of 12.170 hits can easily be broken. By his own calculations he completed his plotted course with 290 over par defining Mongolia as a 11.880 par course.
Anyone up for improving their handicap in Mongolia!?