In 2007 Christoph Rehage, a German native studying in China, came up with the grant scheme of walking back home from Beijing to Bad Nenndorf (Germany). He calls it ‘The Longest Way’. We call it ‘The Longest Beard’!!

Christoph embarks on this mission taking a picture every day while growing a beard. And it results in a mighty kickass beard.
Although he only made it one-third of the way from Beijing to Urumqi, as he went back home to get his degree, he did accomplish something extraordinarily: an amazing beard and hair growing time-lapse video covering an entire year by foot across China!
Out of 1.400 photographs, depicting his one-year 4646km walk from Beijing to Urumqi, he created a video of unlimited beard and hair growth. The changing scenery in the background shot all over China gives you a sense of all the awesomeness he got to see on this kickass trip while depicting his unlimited hair growth.

His video won the ‘Best Short Mountain Film’ Award at the Banff Mountain Film Festival in 2010

Great trip. Even greater beard.

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