Ever heard of the Trabant automobile?!
Well it’s the infamous Soviet-era  invention, notorious for its plastic make and frequent breakdowns. And generally considered the world’s worst car. Take three of these junks, add nine people, and try driving them from Germany to Cambodia…….hello Trabant Trek!

In this kickass adventure nine young adventurers of various nationalities squeeze in three tiny plastic cars and attempt to drive the 17,000 miles from Germany to Cambodia.
In this mission with a cause, our drivers try to raise money for the Cambodian children they had met on previous visits to that country.
Our six madmen and three women travel east through Turkey, they ferry across the Caspian Sea and into the forgotten world of Central Asia. They take on Russia’s freezing Siberian winter and Mongolia’s icy plains, crossing booming China before hitting the sun-speckled hills of Laos and the jungles of Cambodia.

The only, self-taught, mechanic on the trip, Tony, knows nothing about fixing them. Team leader ‘Lovie’ is utterly disorganised and constantly threatens to leave the Trek. And Megan, Marlena and Dan would rather be partying than driving. Their budget is so tight they often have to sleep in their cars in the middle of nowhere and rely on the generosity of locals for food. Unsurprisingly, the trek descends into chaos after roughly one mile and continues in the same vein towards Cambodia, fuelled by in-fighting, cheap vodka and disintegrating cars.
It took them twice as long as planned, they broke down 140 times more than expected, but did raise a pretty penny and got international coverage promoting organizations from every corner of our route that work with children.

The madness of this trip has been covered in a documentary airing on the travel channel of which you can see the preview below:


There is also a book covering this amazing trip Trabant Trek: Crossing the World in a Plastic Car. Note that part of the proceeds go to the Cambodian childeren they raised money for during the trip.

A kickass trip indeed!


Sources: Nomadic Nations, The travel channel