10mph is the name of a 100-day, coast to coast journey across the United States on a “Segway Human Transporter”.

Critically-acclaimed and award-winning, 10 MPH speaks to those whom are ‘stuck in the muck’, dream big, or have set themselves on a path of their own choosing. Its inspirational message coincides beautifully with a charming back roads look at America. 


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Hunter weeks and Josh Caldwell, two aspiring filmmakers, quit their jobs and purchase a Segway scooter in order to make the trip from Seattle to Boston, and turn it into a documentary.

On their website http://www.10mph.com/ they describe their kickass undertaking as follows:

10 MPH is a comical documentary that follows a pair of aspiring filmmakers as they quit their jobs and turn a friend’s ludicrous idea into a movie. The impulsive purchase of a two-wheeled Segway scooter sets this story in motion when the two friends decide to travel from Seattle to Boston at 10 mph in an attempt to change their lives forever… What ensues is a road trip like none other with a haphazard cast of characters you could only find on a zany 100-day trek through America’s back roads. Each poignant story the two friends discover along the way inspires a craving inside to go out and do that thing you’re supposed to do.

The experiences they have along the way send their once-predictable lives on a series of unexpected detours. Since they can’t break the ten miles-per-hour barrier a segway naturally travels, their trip takes 100 days. From August 8 till November 18, 2004, Hunter and Josh cover over 4000 miles across the States.

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Moving at a snails pace on the back-roads of America the duo meets a series of fascinating characters.

They get tons of help from curious passersby but also run into trouble when Caldwell and the crew are stopped by an Illinois police officer who admonishes them for traveling too slow at 10 miles per hour (16 km/h) on a road with a 45 miles per hour (72 km/h) speed limit.

Imdb describes the documentary as follows:

Two guys quit stodgy corporate jobs, scrounged up all the savings they could, collected credit cards, and stepped – or better yet – scooted forward to follow their biggest dream: to become filmmakers. Josh Caldwell rode a Segway from Seattle to Boston, while his buddy Hunter Weeks directed a film they both shot about the experience and about the moments leading up to this crazy twist on the American road trip. From cubicle farms to the open road, the film will chronicle how these guys ultimately changed their lives forever. They did what so many of us have always wanted to do – gave it all up for the passion inside. [IMDB]

have a look for yourself here:


If you like the trailer you can watch the entire movie here

CAUTION: After watching the film, you might just go out and quit your job 🙂