André Brugiroux is what you can call a REAL traveler! An epic kickass traveler. Be ready to get envious.

Brugiroux, a French national, born 11 November 1937, left home in 1955, at the age of 17, with a diploma from the École hôtelière de Paris and ten francs in his pocket.
He started off slow working first for seven years in Europe to learn various foreign languages by doing part-time jobs. Between his time in among others Spain and West Germany he did his military service in the Congo (1958 and 1959).


Then, after working as a translator in Canada for three years (from 1965 to 1967) to save up the funds, he upped his game by constantly being on the move. He travelled only by hitchhiking (including by plane, ship and yacht), spending no more than an average of one dollar a day.


During his travels he was imprisoned seven times, almost killed on several occasions, deported, robbed, etc. He stayed with hippies in San Francisco, with head-hunters in Borneo and Buddhist monks in Bangkok; he studied Yoga at an ashram in India and worked on a kibbutz in Israel; he also saw, among other things, the gem-smuggling business in Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) and refugee camps in Cambodia.

Andre Brugiroux kickass travel map of the world

Returning home after eighteen years on the road, and after visiting some 135 countries by hitchhiking over 400,000 kilometers via every means of transport possible. Andre began to write the first of several books La Terre n’est qu’un seul pays (literally: “The Earth is but one country”, published in English as One People, One Planet)  , but would also continue to make countless trips for the next 30 odd years, to the many countries and territories he had not yet seen. It wasn’t until 2004 when he crossed the border into the Himalayan Kingdom of Mustang , that he realized his childhood dream of visiting every country and territory on earth. This personal quest took the man over 50 years to complete.