Around the world with NO Baggages was the work title of a travel experiment conducted by professional vagabonder Rolf Potts. As the author of Vagabonding: An Uncommon Guide to the Art of Long-Term World Travel, Potts was definitely not the most unlikely candidate to have come up with this kickass travel experiment! And he used some amazing concealed carrying clothing to make it all happen….

Concealed Carrying Clothing

In late August of 2010, travel writer Rolf Potts embarked on a trip that is taking him around the world without using a single piece of luggage.  For six weeks he explored 12 countries on five continents, crossing the equator four times, without carrying so much as a man-purse. The few items he brought (including a toothbrush, an iPod, and a few extra items of clothing) are tucked away in his pockets.
This no-baggage adventure was more than a stunt to see if such a thing could be done:  At a time when intensified travel-stresses and increased luggage fees are grabbing headlines, it’s an experiment to determine how much we really need to bring along to have the trip of a lifetime.

What items, if any, are essential to the enjoyment of a journey to other countries?  How does traveling light make a trip cheaper, simpler or easier (or more difficult)?  What lessons from this no-baggage adventure might apply to day-to-day life — both on the road and at home?
Rolf blogs and video documented the trip on his site where he covers the kickass items of How to pack for a journey with no luggage and what to wear on a trip without luggage.

The funny thing is that ever since this trip, and definitely fueled by the increasing luggage fees on budget airline flights, a new industry of so called ‘concealed carrying clothing’ has emerged. Ranging from fleece jackets with 16 pockets to an expediction jacket with 37
pockets a new trend has been born!

Concealed carrying clothing jackets that lets you travel with No baggage        .

Scottevest is a big player with multiple models available.
Pretty bloody kickass idea for your next Ryanair or Easyjet flight!