The unusual story of, Nick Jaffe, a first time-adventurer and complete sailing novice who plans to sail from his new home Berlin to his old home in Sydney, Australia. He proves you only need one thing to become an adventurer: a f*&k them all, let’s do it attitude.

Artist and amateur sailor, Nick Jaffe, has been living in Berlin, Germany to make contact with his
familial past through his biological father, who died when Nick was a baby. As a way of connecting the two poles of his life, Nick, at 25, was planning to make a solo 26,000 km sea voyage from Europe back to Australia on a small sailboat. Nick had never sailed before in his life!.
He has virtually no money, no boat, no sailing experience and no support. But what he lacks in those, he makes up for in attitude and will-power.

After a chance meeting in a Berlin bar, Australian Nick Jaffe confesses to ex-pat filmmaker Jack Rath that he  needs to learn to sail so he can make the 26.000 km passage from Europe home to Australia. Fascinated with what might possess a 25 year old with no sailing experience to take on such a challenge, and questioning if it’s Nick’s mysterious family history that’s the catalyst for his voyage, Jack vows to follow him eventually turning it in the kickass documentary “between home”

Driven by an idealistic determination not to ‘sell out’ and settle down like his peers, Nick, a whiz-kid computer programmer and artist, doggedly pursues his dream. He buys a 26ft.  second hand-boat in desperate need of repair and lives from hand to mouth for months, setting out from England and relying on the kindness of strangers at every port along the way in an odyssey that turns into a life-defining 3 year journey home.


Filmed over 4 years, BETWEEN HOME documents Nicks travels, as Jack and his camera periodically connect with Nick from port to port, and during an overland trek across the United States from Atlantic to Pacific. This material is interwoven with Nick’s own video diaries during the sea voyage that contrast his inner journey with his various contacts to the outer world.

At one point, sinking deep into debt, Nick invites the world to experience his dream through a blog that will help fund his voyage. The generosity of people wanting him to succeed is overwhelming, their vicarious experience offering material and emotional encouragement, yet at the same time creating both pressure and doubt as Nick re-examines his motives.

In his final leg home through the Pacific, an exhausted Nick has experienced love, loss, and even a tsunami. As he finally reaches journey’s end in Australia, there is only one person waiting. In the end, Nick’s story of isolation, adventure, doubt, and discovery leads him to a curious kind of closure.

A true kickass adventurer with an attitude to match.
The full documentary is available here.