Not quite in the same category as all the other kickass-ness covered on this site. But it does capture the spirit of traveling in a mighty inspirational way = Life is a sport: make it count.

This is one of Nike’s newest slogans and twitter advertising campaign #makeitcount. And one that film and documentary maker Casey Neistat was asked to explore for the American sports good manufacturer.

They asked Casey to make a movie about what it means to ‘make life count’.

“The ‘Make It Count’ film was the third film I was to make for Nike and at the last minute I thought, ‘If I could do anything in the world and make it count what would I do?’” Neistat told CNN

Instead of making the movie the traditional way he decided to spend all the money to travel around the world with his friend Max. They kept going until the money ran out.They traveled 34,000 miles, visiting 16 cities in 13 countries on three continents.

And it resulted in this  very inspiring four-and-a-half-minute kickass travel video: