The most kickass adventurists of 2012 (as voted by National Geographic) make a more than deserved entrance into the kickasstrips ‘gallery-of-travel-greatness’. Their Ultimate Descent expedition to climb Everest, paraglide down, and paddle to the Indian ocean truly embodies the spirit of adventure. With borrowed gear and a bare-bones budget they made their dream come true.

Lakpa had completed 3 successful summits of Everest as a guide when Paragliders caught his eye as they arrived for the first time in Nepal. Seizing an opportunity to get hold of one he launched himself off a hillside near his home and crashed into a tree, it was after this that ran into Sano as he was going to get it repaired. At that point the plan for the most audacious descent in the world was hatched.
With borrowed gear, virtually no budget and no big money sponsors the two friends planned to scale Everest, Paraglide down from the summit, then cycle to where the rivers met at which point they would swap into kayaks and make their way across into India and paddle their way down the Ganges and out into the Indian Ocean.

Babu, 28, a kayaker and paraglider, and Lakpa, 39, a mountain guide, combined their skills to persevere in extreme conditions. Babu had never climbed, and Lakpa had never kayaked and couldn’t swim. Nothing like this had ever been done before.
Through teamwork and tenacity—and without the support of corporate sponsors or big budgets—they did something no one had ever done before.

Kickass to the max!

National Geographic