The cyclown circus is a bunch of circus artists who, for over six years, have been cycling their modified ‘mutant’ bikes around the globe from town to town, looking for a place to stay, co-operating with locals and the community while performing and giving workshops in the street.

In those 6 years they have traveled over 40,000 kilometers, through 27 countries in four continents, on bikes as tall or taller than they are, that are held together by wire and scrap metal and carrying 100 kilograms of baggage per bike.

The cyclowns sustain themselves nearly entirely from the money collected through their street shows that includes “live music, circus, and a lot of crap that ordinarily you would not pay attention to, except that suddenly you find yourselves captive in the audience.”

[quote]“We cycle from town to town, looking for a place to stay, co-operating with locals and the community and performing in the street or at a pre-arranged locations (usually some kind of Social centre) and giving workshops after the event if we have time. Getting up to 15 people on working bikes, fed, amused, happy, well rested and ready to perform to their best for popcorn is a vast achievement in itself! The show has to be seen to be believed – it involves live music, live accidents, clowning, tightrope, monocycling, bike jousting, diabolo, juggling, acrobatics, magic, fire spitting and dancing, acrobalance, trapeze and incredible jumping mad Mexican bean chaos! It is a great experience meeting people from a vastly varied ways of life, learning about other attitudes, languages, history, the world today, nature and how to keep a team of clueless foreigners, entertaining, laughing and creating with a bunch of junk we carry with us.”[/quote]

The circus travels by bike because of their love for cycling, because it is cheap and because it enables them to stay in touch with the local environment: “we travel very slowly. We find this way of traveling rewarding, sometimes blissful, often disasterous, and ridiculously serendipidous.” Or as another member says “I ride a bike, it’s what I like”