Instead of setting a new bouncy castle sailing record, Paul Tucker decided to create an entire league of his own:  a pedalo crossing of the English channel.

Former army major Paul Tucker crossed the English Channel on a pedalo in 2002, raising thousands for the Royal British Legion in the process.
On 21 May 2002 he set-off from a point near Cap Gris-Nez, France to arrive in Folkestone, Kent, UK, after 7 hr 6 min of pedalo-ing.

He used a 3.7m (12-foot) Nauticraft Escapade Pedal Boat which features a light pedal crank that powers a 16″, two-bladed propeller giving out a supersonic pedalo speed of over 5mph!


And what did Paul do when he got to Calais? He turned around and pedalled right back to Folkestone making him also the holder of the fastest double-crossing record!

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