Pure devotion or pure madness?! Hauling a Giant Cross around the world! For 26 years.


Today, Good Friday 2013, believers around the world commemorate the crucifixion of Jesus some thousands of year. One of these has taken the Cross to completely different levels by having dragged a 4 by 2-meter version around the world for the last 26 years!!
Lindsay Hamon, 60, has trekked through 19 countries in the last 26 years carrying a massive cross with a wheel base. He actually carries it over his shoulder for up to 12 hours a day with no idea where he will sleep that night. Among others he has dragged his cross to India, New Zealand, Romania and Sri Lanka during his remarkable journey. Mr Hamon has spoken to thousands of curious people during his trek around the world and has shaken hands and prayed with many more.


Equeally curious, but not as practical as the fridgeman, who hitchhiked around Ireland with a fridge, and hence always had beer cooling space available.
Lindsay, often dubbed The Crossman, first took up the 12ft by 6ft tall cedar wood cross in 1987 and has only spent a handful of weeks without it. He receives generous donations from supporters to help him stay on the road,


And despite being thrown out of St Peter’s Square, in Rome, being shot at in Bangladesh and attacked by angry zealots, he remains resolute and has no plans to give up on his mission.

He even managed to get featured in his own documentary!

Crossman from Christopher Beard on Vimeo.

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