Mary Poppins used to fly around London with an umbrella in the 1964 musical fairy tale that most of you will have heard of. Now, in 2013 this has become reality!


Inspired by the film, in a similar way that the animation movie ‘Up’ inspired Jonathan Trappe to fly helium balloons, Extreme athlete Erik Roner has turned fairy tale into reality in his latest daredevil stunt that dropped him from the sky while holding onto a large patio umbrella. ‘We’re going to see if an umbrella actually slows you down like Mary Poppins’ does,’ he says while seen on camera hanging beneath a hot air balloon, waiting for the moment he lets go.

And yes he does ‘fly’ with the umbrella….if only for a while. After a kickass flight the umbrella eventually breaks and Erik has to continue and land by ordinary parachute.



All in all a kickass experiment and trip. Anyone for other fairy tale inspired kickass-ness?!

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