This is the true story about two friends, a drunken bet, a 25,000 mile journey – and a lot of people called Dave Gorman.

Dave Gorman and Danny Wallace are best friends, flatmates and drinking partners. One legendary night in the pub the duo has an argument. Tequila is involved. Dave tells Danny about an e-mail he had received telling him that the Assistant Manager of East Fife Football Club was also called Dave Gorman. Danny doesn’t believe him. They were drunk. Dave tells Danny there must be “loads” of other Dave Gormans. Danny bets him there aren’t. More tequila gets involved (the fridge man would love this). Five hours later they were on the first train to East Fife in Scotland! There they meet the Assistant Manager of East Fife FC; Dave Gorman. They also meet his son – another Dave Gorman.

dave_gorman (1)

Danny argues that meeting two Dave Gormans is not “loads”. Confusion arises over the meaning of the word “loads”. A new Gorman-ian definition of the word is crafted and Danny and Dave settle on a bet for the (im)possibility of meeting 54 other Dave Gormans: one for every card in the deck. Including the jokers. Alarmingly, they were sober when this happened.

During the six month odyssey that follows – just to meet 54 other Dave Gormans – Dave and Danny get caught in a tornado in New York, they lose their shoes in Norway and cause a security alert at an Israeli airport. They meet greenkeepers, booksellers, carpet fitters, gurus, policemen, film stars and a semi-retired lighthouse technician.

They appear on page 3 of the Sun, and they become front page news in Denmark. They are even asked to make a TV show about their adventure. They decline as the search is not over yet.

They met no one else called Danny Wallace.

In their hunt for Dave Gormans they discover that the more other people know about the search, the easier it becomes. Being semi-serious stand-up comedians they decide to make a stand-up show about it, called “Are You Dave Gorman?”. And they land a spot at the famous Ediburgh Festival Fringe.


It works, not only do a few more Dave Gormans come to see the show at The Edinburgh Festival, but the show also becomes a sell out with extra shows added to meet the demand and it wins a Perrier Award, the most prestigious comedy prize in the United Kingdom. The story gets coverage in almost every major newspaper in Britain. Hundreds of people begin e-mailing with details of new Dave Gormans.

Due to the success of the show they continue to meet more Dave Gormans and the show is taken to London. At one of their London gigs five people, two of them women, change their name by deed poll (a legal and official name change in the UK) taking them to the brink of success: 53 Dave Gormans.

In his show he meets a Dave Gurman. Dave lets the audience vote if he counts. 53% says No. Dave’s quest is not over.

 Finally, after an obscure tip the 54th and final Dave Gorman is met on the island of Jersey. The hunt is over.

With the search now over they agree to put the story down as a book, also called “Are You Dave Gorman?” Also they get back in touch with the BBC and make a TV series called “The Dave Gorman Collection”.


While the original search for 54 Dave Gormans is over – the e-mails about new Dave Gormans keep on coming and new Dave Gormans continue to come and meet him. It feels like other people don’t want him to stop meeting Dave Gormans.

The super successful comedy stand up show travels the world with performances in the USA and Australia. Dave Gormania ensues and even a character in the Austalian TV-series Neighbours is named Dave Gorman.

The book is reprinted before it’s even publised on September 6th and it tops the humour chart in no-time. Dave appears on The Late Show with David Letterman and The Daily Show with John Stewart.

On November 27th, 2001 – the fictional DG appears in Neighbours. Dave gets thousands of e-mails from people telling him about it. His computer crashes under the weight of the response.

Time Out New York names the stand-up show as the Best Comedy Show of 2001.

The book is reprinted for a second time. Dave is an overall Hero!


The Present Day

Dave has had too much Dave in is life and refuses to search for more Dave’s, called Gorman. 

Luckily we still have the book and TV-series.

Kickass that Dave Dude!