Danny Wallace, lives in Bow, East London, a stone’s throw away from Greenwich. When he visits the Greenwich’s Royal observatory, and of course the Prime Meridian of the world that runs right through it, he finds out that this is the line that divides the world in an Eastern and Western half and is located exactly at Longitude 0º. It is often called the centre of the earth. This means Danny lives pretty much at the centre of the earth!

The notion of living at the centre of the earth keeps playing on Danny’s mind and he starts scouting the internet for a hint of where the ‘centre of the universe’ then would be.
Perhaps Neil Armstrong had taken a quick photo of it. Or maybe the Russians had sent a monkey up there with a camera. But Danny can’t find any evidence of this. He kept searching the net. And kept looking at cosmic pictures. And reading things he didn’t understand. And then, just when he was about to give up and pop the kettle on…he found something!
A clue.

There was an article about the mayor of a tiny town in the valleys of Idaho who had found proof that his town was….the very centre of the universe.
It was a bold claim. A claim so bold that it couldn’t be taken seriously. At all.
Until Danny saw the name of the town.
It took his breath away. It was incredible.
It was a cosmic coincidence.
The town which claimed to be the Centre of the Universe….had his name!
The town which claimed to be the Centre of the Universe….was called Wallace!

Journey to the Centre of the Universe
Danny of course had to go visit this magical place and so he travels to the Centre of the Universe, located in Wallace, Idaho (USA).


When Danny arrives in Wallace he gets a room in the Wallace Inn. Under his real name Mr. Wallace of course.

To his great delight the Centre of the Universe appears to be a manhole cover in the middle of a street in Wallace.

Danny at the centre of the Universe

But why is it there? He needs some scientific explanation, with graphs and maps and fancy stuff. Luckily the mayor is willing to give him the full story. Well….’ says the Mayor, ‘you see, the universe is constantly moving, it’s constantly growing.’ ‘Now, no one,’ he adds with a little point of his finger, ‘and I mean no one…..seems to be able to prove exactly where the centre is.’‘So we are proposing….’ says the Mayor, ‘that it’s here.’ ‘’We just claim it to be here’
And that is it…..

Danny’s initial disappointment fades aways as he explores the town of Wallace and all its quirky personalities, historical facts and sights (a great manhole cover). He is just having a great time. He is after all exploring the centre of the universe!

This super quirky read, for people with an interest in the Centre of the Earth and the Centre of the Universe, is available under the title ‘Danny Wallace and the centre of the Universe
Highly recommendable for people called Wallace!


Now thanx to Danny Wallace’s book, Wallace (Idaho), the centre of the universe has become a widely visited tourist attraction. Street signs have been changed and the manhole has been upgraded to make it all more ‘real’ (and photogenic)

WallaceCenter  cfiles45218

Who wouldn’t want to visit the centre of the universe, wouldn’t you?!

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About Danny –> Daniel Frederick Wallace (born 16 November 1976) is a British filmmaker, comedian, writer, actor, and presenter of radio (Radio4) and television (BBC) who wears glasses and used to have a cat. His first co-written book was Are you Dave Gorman?. His first solo book, Join Me, was described as “one of the funniest stories you will ever read” by the Daily Mail. His second book, Yes Man – in which he decided to say “Yes” to everything – was made into a major motion picture with Jim Carrey in the lead role. It was described as “hilarious” by more than four national newspapers, and Richard Madeley. His third book, Friends Like These, saw Danny attempting to reconnect with old friends around the world. All three books were Sunday Times bestsellers. His latest book is Awkward Situations for Men.