Jim Rogers became a Wall Street legend when he co-founded (with George Soros) the Quantum Fund in 1972. It became one of the most successful funds of all time as in the following ten years, the portfolio gained 4200% while the S&P advanced about 47%. The Quantum Fund was one of the first truly international funds investing in new markets all over the world.

the inverstor

In 1980, aged 37, having made his name and fame, Rogers decides to ‘retire’ and starts planning the thing he had always dreamed of: to travel across all 6 continents of the world on a motorbike.

It takes him years of trying to obtain the necessary permissions to cross Russia and China by bike but, finally, in 1990 he succeeds and has the chance to fulfill his lifelong dream.

In March 1990 Rogers, together with his girlfriend Tabitha, set off on a pair of BMW motorcycles (an R100RT & R80) from Dunquin, in the far West of Ireland heading to Japan.

The BMW bikes

The goal of the trip was not simply to travel, but to learn about the worlds developing countries and investment markets, the countries Rogers had made his investments fortunes of, by actually seeing them from the ground up.
When Tabitha and Jim Rogers return to the USA in 1992 they have visited 52 countries in 22 months covering 65.067 miles (105.000 km) setting a new world record for longest overland motorbike trip.

Investment biker Map

In his book ‘Investment biker’ Jim Rogers gives us his unique traveler’s and investor’s view on the current state and future direction of international upcoming economies of the world on a 22-month, 52-country motorcycle odyssey in this bestselling (200.000+ copies) business/adventure book.

It is a very different kind of travel book with a Rogers that has a sharp eye for all sorts of social phenomena influencing the economy on both a local and global scale.

book cover

His trip rightly earned Rogers the nickname “the Indiana Jones of finance” by Time Magazine.

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