You don’t necessarily have to run all the way around the globe, hitchike for thousand of miles or push an empty wheelchair across a continent to make it into the ranks of the Kickasstrips gallery!

No no, much simpeler things like Rémi Gaillard’s unexpected appearances on French public roads as Mario à la Mario Kart are more than kickass enough as well.


After losing his job at a shoe store, Rémi began to use his free time to have fun doing some serious kickass stuff traveling all over France.
His grandest claim to fame is driving around on the French public roads, racing unsuspecting car-drivers whilst dressed up as Mario à la Mario Kart. In the meantime, in true Mario Kart style, he throws around banana peels to try and wipe out the normal cars on the road.


It must  be one of the best ways to travel France, not based on sheer speed, but on pure pleasure.

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