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On a trip around the world, every day feels like Saturday. A MAP FOR SATURDAY reveals a world of long-term, solo travel and backpacking through the stories of trekkers on four continents. The documentary finds backpackers helping neglected Thai tsunami victims. It explains why Nepal’s guesthouses are empty and Brazil’s stoplights are ignored. But at its core, SATURDAY tracks the emotional arc of extreme long-term travelers; teenagers and senior citizens who wondered, “What would it be like to travel the world?” and then did it.


A MAP FOR SATURDAY is the product of a year’s travel through 26 countries on four continents. Emmy winning producer Brook Silva-Braga left his cushy gig with American TV network HBO to travel the world with five pounds of clothes and 30 pounds of video equipment. The barebones production set-up yields an intimate window onto the world of long-term, solo travel; moments of stark loneliness and genuine revelation. During the year, two-dozen solo travelers intersect with Silva-Braga, helping tell the story of the place they’ve met and the experience they share.


Brook Silva-Braga, backpacks across the world. Starting in the USA, he makes his way to Australia, Southeast Asia and South America. He meets people from all over the world who are traveling just like he is.
The movie is really about the lifestyle of a backpacker and long term traveler. It is about how easy it is to travel the world and why it is important as a person to experience this. It goes into the deep seeded difference between how Americans and Europeans travel.This movie also shows you don’t have to be young to backpack around the world, just make a decision and go with it.


The film lands in Australia at mid-summer night and in Nepal on the eve of revolution. There’s the challenge of Vietnam’s absurd traffic and Europe’s steep prices.

Beyond clichés of shagging backpackers and dubious self-discovery, Silva-Braga finds a hidden world of long-term, solo travelers. At times lonely and difficult; more often joyous, and always adventurous, A MAP FOR SATURDAY completes an around the world trip in 90 minutes.

The film even won the award for best documentary at the Memphis International Film Festival.


A Map For Saturday is one of those movies that, if you have any inkling to travel, this might be the fuel you need to quit your job and explore the world. This movie is also great for the experienced traveler who will find themselves nodding their head in agreement as Brook experiences all the things we know so well. From lost love to hung over hostel mornings. And for all you ‘once upon a time travelers’ A Map for Saturday is a great refresher to reminisce about the good old days.

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