Mauro Anzideo, aka Maurino, is born in Milan, Italy on 13th of February, 1981 at 15.45. He has a huge passion for food and cooking and during his life he cultivates an instinctive passion for high cuisine. After years of experience in Italian restaurants he moves to Shanghai to work as a sous chef in 2009.


Quickly converting to vegetarian food he leaves his restaurants’ routine, to focus on serving exclusively private vegetarian dinners, without meats and fishes, through his newly formed company Soundinner. To move around Shanghai, with all his cooking equipment, Mauro buys a traditional Chinese tricycle bike, commonly known as a 三轮车 (San Lun Che). These Three Wheel Cars – the literal translation of SanLunChe – are commonly used to transport crazy amount of goods across Chinese cities.


After 9 months of stressful and high frequency activity with Soundinner Chef Maurino decides to have a break, looking for those answers you cannot find on Google.
Based on his previous excellent experiences with tricycles he decides to cycle a custom build Tricycle across the world’s most populous country from Shanghai to Dali (Yunnan). Being a chef obsessed with food he adequately calls his trip: From Deli to Dali.


His SanLunChe is named Narada, after two of his dear friends who live in Pavia. Narada got equipped with Shimano 6-speed, front disc brakes, front light, front suspension, an enclosed luggage compartment door with lock, and even a rack platform to mount his tent on top of the Tricyle! In total Mauro spent a total of around 12,000 rmb on his cycling machine.


Cycling on average speeds of around 12 km/h Mauro covers close to 60/70km daily reaching Dali, a traditional tourist town in the South-West of Yunnan, after 86 days! At that time he had ridden over 3000 km.


His cycling explorations are covered beautifully in a series of videos giving a nice insight in China rural and less visited remote countryside. And some nice exposure for his sponsor Vibram FiveFingers…

A real Chinese KickassTrip!