If you think the world’s longest skateboard journey was crazy then you are definitely going to like this one: Riding the world’s largest skateboard!

The world's largest skateboard is bigger than your car

The world’s largest skateboard is bigger than your car

The creation of The World’s Largest Skateboard is the brain child of Joe Ciaglia (California Skateparks) and professional skateboarder  / entrepreneur Rob Dyrdek.

As Rob and Joes creativity and energy began to produce some amazing things, they came up with the idea of creating the World’s Largest Skateboard.  There was one qualification.  If it was to be designed and built by Joe, it would be done to the exact specs and quality of a real skateboard.  The completed board far exceeded anybody’s expectations and is 100% authentic to specifications, designed and hand built in-house by skateparks craftsman.  The board which has a value equivalent to an American sports car, features a 7 ply pressed wood deck (5 1/2 inches thick with interior steel frame support), real grip tape, custom graphics, custom fabricated steel trucks with adjustable rubber bushings (modeled after Silver Trucks), rubber vehicle tires (2  foot 6 inch diameter), and bearings.  The board is built on a 12.5:1 ratio to a standard size skateboard and measures 36 feet 7 inches long and 8 foot 8 inches wide, stands 3 feet 7 inches tall, and weighs in at over 3,600 pounds.

The world's largest skateboard

The board was certified by Guinness World Records in 2010 and is the official world record holder.  In the Summer of 2010 Joe C took the board out to Woodward Skate Camp in Pennsylvania and rode the board solo down a long and steep grassy hill where he was forced to abort mission by leaping from the board and narrowly avoiding injury after the board reach dangerous speeds.  The stunt was videotaped and posted on YouTube (below) where it became an instant web sensation and has reached over 4 million views.

That’s some kickass skateboarding.
Tony Hawk eat your heart out!