Liu Lingchao is a real-life human snail who carries his self-made 60 kg-heavy house on his back wherever he goes. Made of bamboo poles and plastic sheets, the portable home provides shelter on Liu’s long travels through China.


With suntanned skin and wearing Liberation shoes, Liu Lingchao – aka the Snail Man –  is walking forward quickly while carrying a 1.5 meters wide, 2.2 meters tall “house” on his shoulders. After walking about 50 meters, he puts down his “house”, retraces his steps picking up discarded water bottles, sorts and places them in several woven bags, then lifts up his “house”, repeating this over and over again.
20 years ago, he left his hometown to find work in the Guangzhou and Shenzhen area. After the idea of returning home came to him 5 years ago, he made a 60kg simple house like this, and departed from Guangdong walking towards his hometown of Rong’an in the Guangxi province.


Along the way, 38-year old Liu Lingchao refused to accept anyone’s help, relying only on collecting discarded waste and selling it for a living, carrying his “house” forward on his journey by day, and camping out by the side of the road at night. He has already worn out three such “houses”


Its 60 kg weight is not exactly easy for one man to carry, so Liu really is moving at the pace of a snail along China’s roads, but it beats having to look for shelter wherever he goes, and says the fact that he can settle down virtually anywhere he wants is worth the effort.


From Shenzhen, China, he has been walking 12 miles a day. When he reached his hometown Rong’an, Guangxi he had covered close to 1000km on foot, carrying his own house!


More out of necessity than the guy who walked across China growing a beard, or the SanLunChe (Tricycle) trip from Shanghai to Dali, Liu Lingchao is beyond extraorinary reaching his hometown in this way.

Pure respect.

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