After watching the video ‘THE LONGEST BEARD: WALKING ACROSS CHINA FOR A YEAR WHILE GROWING A BEARD’ in 2009 Kolby Kirk got inspired to make his own time lapse travel video. He chose the well-known  long-distance hiking Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) that runs from the North to the South of the US’ west coast. For 159 days, Kolby, also known as ‘the hike guy’ or Condor on the web, took a few photos and videos each day to show the effects of hiking 1,700 miles. Some effects are obvious: weight loss (90 pounds), beard growth (3 pounds) – but others are not so obvious, like his mental state.

Kolby himself

As the 377 photos and 11 videos parade by at 215 beats per minute, keep an eye out for a few Easter eggs: a bloody nose, a pair of broken sunglasses, my parents (twice), two fly fishermen, a movie theater marque, a rainbow, a “buckle up” joke, a famous date shake from Hadley’s, the leg of a fake human skeleton, and my 3-year old niece sleeping.

And if you make it all the way to the end you are in for a quirky surprise as Condor wanted to reward the people watching the video all the way to the end. It reminds us strongely of the ‘WHERE THE HELL IS MATT, DANCING BADLY AROUND THE WORLD‘ travel video…..equally hilarious at least

And here are some of the photos he used

Condor's photos