We have covered some great and very diverse hitchhiking adventures over the years here at kickasstrips.com.  From ‘HITCHHIKING AROUND IRELAND WITH A FRIDGE’ the equally original ‘CARAVAN HITCHHIKING: FROM UTRECHT TO ISTANBUL BY CARAVAN…WITHOUT A CAR’ up to the more extended trips of ANDRÉ BRUGIROUX who HITCHHIKED 400.000 KM TO 135 COUNTRIES.

This subculture within the travel community definitely kicks ass. And now Thomas Francine, an avid hitchhiker himself, has put the spotlight on hitchhiking with his documentary The Greater Good: A Hitchhike Perspective.
Thomas, over the past 5 years, has hitchhiked 26,000 miles around the world – visiting many places ranging from Texas to Turkey. He has also completed a 1,000+ mile Peace Walk, taking on a different act of kindness each week. In his travels, literally thousands of amazing things have happened and this inspired him to document the hithchiking community.


Thomas has hitchhiked through 13 countries, often leaving himself vulnerable yet encountering not a single dangerous situation. Join Thomas on his travels, and meet world hitchhikers, as they discuss their experiences, the supposed decline of hitchhiking, and the greater good.
The documentary does a great job at capturing the hitchhiking vibe and ‘supposed dangers involved in traveling by thumb’. The movie even got some great acclaim on seven international film festivals

Great watch. About a great bunch of people.

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