Rickshaw run

The Rickshaw Run is a 3,500km pan-Indian adventure in a 7 horsepower glorified lawnmower aka an Auto Rickshaw aka TukTuk. The Rickshaw Run is easily the least sensible thing to do with two weeks of spare time. But kickass it is!

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There are no set route, no back-up, no way of knowing if you’re going to make it. The only certainty is that you will get lost, you will get stuck and you will break down. And you will have fun. It’s just you and your mates in a wholly unsuitable vehicle traversing the Indian subcontinent enduring whatever shit the road throws at you.


It involves pimped three wheelers, fancy dressing, crazy driving, tumbling three wheelers and a mad party at the end to celebrate the agonizing state of Indian public roads.

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It’s not just about getting stuck, each time is also asked to raise a minimum of £1000 for charity, at least £500 of which goes to the official Rickshaw run charity Cool Earth. Along with the teams on the other adventures, you’ll be saving the world one rainforest at a time. Not because we’re tree hugging sandal weavers, but because the world would be shit without them. Cause where would you be able to get lost if we didn’t have all these jungles?

The first route in December 2006 was from Kochi, in the southern state of Kerala, to Darjeeling, in West Bengal.  In its inaugural run, 34 teams started the event, and 31 of those finished.


Increased popularity of kickass travel mayhem organiser The Adventurists resulted in 74 teams starting in the 2013 spring run in Kochi in the south western corner of the country. Out of those 70 finished. Most teams travelled along the east coast of India, taking the ‘easy route’ but a handful of hardcore teams went ‘up the centre’ passing through places such as Mysore, Nagpur, Varanasi and even making their way up to Darjeeling. The teams that went the central route travelled more than 4000km in their rickshaws on some of the worst roads in India.


The Rickshaw Run costs £1495 per team of up to four adventurists  (you don’t want more than four – trust us). This includes a once state-of-the-art three-wheeled Bajaj auto-rickshaw, with all the paperwork necessary for you to take it on public roads and across state lines, two days of test-driving, pimping and mechanical tips a rousing welcome when you finish, a podium for the obligatory finish line photos and a bar for you to share your stories with each other and of course 3,500 km of the best and worst that India can throw at you and all the stories and glory that go with it.

Interested?! You can sign up here.

India Rickshaw run 04-2013 (4 van 24)

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