After braving high winds, torrential rain and ice, comedian Tony Hawks and his companion, Titch the micro-piglet (basically just a very small pig), have completed a UK coast-to-coast fundraising cycling trip.

Tony Hawks cycals with miniture pig caulled Tich from Pennywell Farm

The writer, actor, broadcaster and out-of-the-box traveling comedian is no stranger to unusual road trips, having hitchhiked around Ireland with a fridge in a bizarre journey that became a best-selling book and film. And an all-time favourite in our kickasstrips gallery.

In his latest exploration outburst Tony took a miny piglet – named Titch – along on a coast to coast bike ride crossing the English county of Devon. Tony completed the 100 miles from Barnstaple to Plymouth on Friday lunchtime (19th of Dec. 2013), dipping his wheels in the sea at the start and finish.


The odd move came in response to a challenge from an audience member at one of his stand-up live shows who bet he couldn’t walk round Devon with their pet pig, Dave. Tony logically (read about his ‘Irish Fridge-hiking adventure’ and you will get why it is ‘logical’) took the suggestion one step further and embarked on a ‘little’ bike ride with another pig, Titch. The goal was to raise money – in typical Tony’s kickass unconventional kickass way – towards the £250,000 centre for children with cerebral palsy in Chisinau, the capital of Moldova, that Tony has established.

He carried Titch, a miniature sow from Pennywell Farm and Wildlife Centre at Buckfastleigh, in a specially-made sling as he rode an electric bike raising £5,000 for his cause.

the Titch sling

Tony said the ride had been “tough with the weather”.
“I got absolutely drenched and almost blown off then my chain came off and the bike developed problems with rain in the electrics and I had to get it repaired,” he said.

“Having said that, people have been very kind and it confirmed what I already thought, which is that Devon is a beautiful county – I think I could keep exploring it for the rest of my life.”


For the sake of Titch’ wellbeing Tony had to complete animal movement forms from Defra (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs), logging each step of the journey.
“Titch was fine, sleeping most of the time and only really kicking up a fuss when she wants to stop for a wee,” he added. “I wasn’t supposed to take her anywhere near livestock, which caused a slight problem when a farmer came to help when my chain came off. I kept Titch inside my jacket and kept shut but she was moving and I was reeling around a bit and he did give me a few funny looks.”

Tony Hawks cycals with miniture pig caulled Tich from Pennywell Farm

Anyone wishing to donate to the charity or sponsor Tony can do so at by visiting

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