From 'The End of the World' to the 'Centre of the World' - just wish we'd found the suits earlier...

Four young, enthusiastic doctors give up 6 months of their careers in order to undertake the challenge of a lifetime: to cycle to length of South America in order to raise money for medical charities that are dear to them. And they call themselves the Cycling Doctors!


The Cycling Doctors

Inspired by the Australian TV classic ‘the flying doctors’ Patrick De Barr, Chris Tucker, Lucas Russo and Andreas Tridimas embarked on a South American cycling adventure on the 10th February 2013 they named  The Cycling Doctors. Their goal was to pedal 6000 miles in under 6 months to raise money for 4 different medical charities, one picked by each of them. The trip was 100% self funded and the doctors took 6 months out of their careers for this challenge.

Andreas raised money for Ataxia UK,  as 4 years ago a close friend, Phil Mchale, was diagnosed with Ataxia, a progressive, currently untreatable, neurological disorder that affects balance, speech, and co-ordination

Patrick De Barr wanted to raise money for the Spinal research charity as he working on the Major Trauma unit in Brighton looking after patients with life changing injuries of whom many have spinal injuries.

Chris on his turn wanted to support The Eve Appeal which funds ground-breaking research into the 5 gynaecological cancers focused on developing effective methods of prediction, detection, treatment and improved care.

Last but not least, Lucas’ supported charity was Spirit Aid: a humanitarian relief organisation dedicated to alleviating the suffering of children and young people whose lives have been devastated by war, poverty, genocide, ethnic cleansing and all forms of abuse.

(donations still possible)

And they visually thanked everyone who made a donation…

The cycling doctors ride 12.000km from Ushuaia to Cartagena

The cycling doctors: “Our way of saying thank you to everyone that has donated so far…”

Next to the serious fund raising aspect of their venture, it is clearly visible from their trip documentation that the four doctors had plenty of fun along the way. We love the way they captured their 1000 mile progress steps along the way…..

1000km completed, and a well deserved celebratory drink... The cycling doctors, 2000km down, just the 9000 left... 3000km down. The adventure continues.... The cycling doctors, 4000km done. Thats 1000km in the last 8 days. BOOM! 5000km NEWSFLASH Local man overwhelmed by the Doctors' distance so far. The cycling doctors, 6000km done. Arriving into La Paz like conquering heroes. 7000km done (plus some). And Chris has dressed up for the occassion... 10000 km done

Eventually on the 25th of July 2013 the four doctors reached Cartagena, Colombia, which marked the end of their trip. They covered a total of 12.000km along the way reaching their goal of £20,000 charity donations.

The cycling doctors ride 12.000km from Ushuaia to Cartagena

As you can see it was quite windy sometimes..

90 Kmh winds in Patagonia. Can't walk, let alone cycle

Kickass doctors indeed.