Jamie McDonald, 27, became the first person to run across Canada without a support team when he crossed the finishing line in Vancouver in February 2014 – nearly 12 months after setting off. Originally billed as the “British Forrest Gump”, he ran dressed as comic superhero The Flash after a public vote on Twitter and Facebook chose a costume for him.


McDonald, from Gloucester, was joined by his father Donald and friends to celebrate ending the mammoth challenge, in which he raised £150,000 for charity.
The 5,000 mile coast-to-coast run is the equivalent of more than 200 marathons which he ran in 275 days. Along the way he slept by the side of the road, or relied on strangers’ generosity as he undertook the challenge.


“I have worked for so long and given this run everything I have, physically and mentally, that to finally dip my hand into the Pacific Ocean eleven months and more than 200 marathons after doing the same thing in the Atlantic Ocean is just incredible.”I’m honoured to have met so many amazing people in what is truly a beautiful country. I’m humbled by the support people in the UK and Canada have given me.”

Jamie McDonald in red and white superhero costume

The adventurer battled temperatures of -40C, ran through the Rockies during a harsh Canadian winter, slept rough, and gave motivational talks at dozens of schools.

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McDonald ran for more than 2,000 miles with chronic tendonitis, permanently injuring his foot, and ran through more than 10 pairs of trainers.66735_602095949812551_1669138753_n

He also pushed his 60kg baby pram Caesar, which contained all his possessions, for more than 4,500 miles. At the start of the journey he carried a 30kg backpack, but he quickly ditched it when the weight caused an injury.

McDonald, who suffered from a debilitating immune deficiency and potentially fatal spinal condition syringomyelia as a child, spent the first nine years of his life in and out of children’s hospitals. To show gratitude for the care he received as a child he carried out this 5,000 mile fundraising challenge. Jamie ran to raise funds for SickKids Foundation, Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity and the Pied Piper Appeal.

Dressed up as superhero The Flash to raise more awareness. And to entertain the kids.
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