Brian DeFrees spent two months between August and October of 2011 driving a giant loop around the United States on a 12,225-mile-long road trip. In his ‘drivelapse USA’ he captured a photo every 5 seconds using an intervalometer with his Canon 60D while in his car. The result is this kickass time-lapse where you get to see the whole of the USA on a road trip in just over 5 minutes:

Here’s the route he took:


…and here is his setup: an upside-down mounted camera on his windshield:

Camera setup

Visually even more stunning are our previously covered time-lapse video of a  ‘Walk across America’ HERE and the time-lapse video of a hike along the entire Pacific Crest Trail by Kolby Kirk, HERE.

When he was parked for the night or exploring an area on foot DeFrees was constantly time-lapsing as well. This resulted in a time-lapse video of different locations throughout the USA:

DeFrees also summarized each day in photos on instagram resulting in a colorful collection of 54 photos (his trip took 54 days) from all over the USA. Have a look at the detailed pics here on his flickr page

Daily instagram photos

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