We have seen many inspiring videos documenting people’s trips around the world in an original way. From ‘Dancing Badly around the world’, ‘High-fiving the globe’ to ‘Stop motion walk across America’ and ‘The longest beard: a timelapsed walk across China’.

Now a new such video has showed up. Created by young French breakdancer Julien Caudrelier, alias Parkim, comes a world tour by one-handed-handstand / handjump. In the video named “Earthbreaker”, Parkim jumps on one hand on a multitude of locations around the world during his round the world trip. Spread over 8 months, he travelled to Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Chile, Australia, China and India where he asked other people to film him when executing his ‘trademark’ handjumping breakdance move.

earthbreaker upside down

It’s pretty kickass. Check it out.

He could definitely join the world traveling Circus of the Cyclowns with this act!earthbreaker-tour-du-monde-1-bras

Made by Parkim and Malex.
Camera: Gopro
Music: Colindat Mahala Rai Banda