Kickass trips don’t always have to be massive, cross-country, round-the-world-like undertakings that last for months at a time. Quite the contrary indeed.

British adventurer Alastair Humphreys has recently popularized the concept of “microadventures,” which by definition are short, cheap, and take place close to home.  With that philosophy in mind, it is kind of amazing what you can find just outside your door.

The following trip with its excellent adventure-spirited video proves the point. It’s just about going somewhere on a bike via nowhere.


Ade from Howies (an active clothing company) and Dom from Wold met up in mid-Wales for a ride to the coast by howies HQ in a line as close as possible ‘as the crows flies’.

They rode two hand built Howies x Wold cyclocross bikes over the mountain terrain, boggy tracks and winding roads and rocky paths and fields without any trails, over creeks and fences in as straight a line as possible from the Centre of Wales to its coast.

53 miles,
2 hand built bikes,
Mountains to sea,
A straight line,
As the crow flies.


Sources: theadventureblog, vimeo