Rocket man

Yves Rossy is a Swiss maverick who blasted into the record books in 2008 when he flew across the Channel with no more than a jet-propelled wing on his back, parachuting into an English field 22 miles from Calais 13 minutes after he took off.


on September 26th, 2008 Yves Rossy successfully completedan amazing challenge and became the first man to fly across the English Channel from Calais, France to Dover, UK, using a homemade, single, jet-powered wing. Yves Rossy covered a distance of 35 kilometres in just 13 minutes, a lot faster than Jonathan Trappe who flew across using just a cluster of cloured balloons.

Swiss adventurer Yves traced the route of French aviator Louis Blériot, who became the first person to fly across the English Channel in an airplane 99 years before. Beginning his journey at Calais Airport, Yves Rossy was transported in a plane to nearly 2,500 metres, at which point he started his four engines. Then at 1.06pm, Yves jumped out of the plane above Calais. Once his wing stabilised, Jetman began his flight travelling full throttle and heading for the United Kingdom.

With a light wind on his back, Yves reached the South Foreland Lighthouse on the iconic White Cliffs of Dover in 13 minutes, covering the 35 kilometres trip at an average speed of 200 kilometres per hour. When finally the White Cliffs of Dover appeared, Yves deployed his parachute and landed at 1.19 pm (BST).

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Jetman, Birdman & Rocket Man

Wearing a rigid wing powered by four model jet turbine engines Rossy has taken personal flying to a whole new level. With his single wing, Rossy really flies, steering with the movements of his body. In the last couple of years he has flown over the Swiss Alps, the Grand Canyon, around Rio de Janeiro and alongside a B-17 bomber plane and performed aerobatic loops around a hot-air balloon; They are the latest exploits in a life powered by one dream: to fly like a bird. For his next quest, he is developing a new kind of parachute that will enable him to fly as low as 200 meters.

Yves 'Jetman' Rossy, Nigel Lamb Yves Rossy, known as the Jetman, jumps from a helicopter before a successful flight over Rio de Janiero yves-jetman-rossy-flying-next-to-breitling-jetsJetman above the Grand Canyon

Birdman wasn’t so lucky in 2009 though, ditching into the sea mid-way through an attempt to become the first person to travel between two continents by supersonic jetpack flying across the Straits of Gibraltar. Well done for trying though, Monsieur Rossy.

Jetman Dubai: Young Feathers

Then in 2015 jetman stunned the world with a unique flight across the city state of Dubai. Rossy wanted to mark a new milestone in the chapter of human flight and invited his protege, Jetman Vince Reffet to explore the limits of ‘flying like a bird’ in and above the city of dreams Dubai. The result is a mesmerizing film that stunned the world. And once again it was Yves Rossy who was the main protagonist.


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