“One Mile Above” is a feature-length film about a bicycle tour to the highest point in Tibet. It is the incredible true story Shuhao (Bryan Chang), a twenty-four-year-old Taiwanese university graduate, whose older brother Shuwei – whom he has idolized since childhood – dies unexpectedly on a bicycle trek from Taiwan to Lhasa and the highest points in Tibet. Literally one mile above…
Now, Shuhao decides to complete Shuwei’s journey, hoping to prove himself through this challenging trip. Instead of placing his brother’s travel diary in his casket to be buried with its owner – as tradition dictates – Shuhao uses the book as inspiration to follow his brother’s path and fulfil his ultimate dream of riding to Lhasa

One Mile Above cycling from Taiwan to Tibet

One Mile Above

As a completely inexperience touring cyclist Shuhao does not know what he gets himself into. Along the way, Shuhao not only learns how to properly ride a bicycle, but he encounters a whole host of challenging obstacles while passing through the mountains of Yunnan and Tibet – such as freezing cold weather, steep mountain terrain, ferocious wild animals, and an accident on a high mountain pass that leaves him and his cycling partner literally hanging on for their lives.


Shuhao’s inexperience almost sees him headed over a cliff one dark night. Food poisoning nearly costs him his life just after surviving an attack by a pack of menacing Tibetan Mastiffs. In the end, Shuhao arrives in Lhasa to see the Potola Palace. His lonely journey, filled with laughter and tears, brings him to the discovery of a new purpose in life

Shot in Chinese, but shown with English subtitles, “One Mile Above” (aka Kora) is a thrilling and compelling true story of adventure, endurance and redemption, in a stunning bicycle touring setting, based on the book “Zhuan Shan” by Xie Wang Lin.

An act of brotherly love, an adventure, an endurance test, a spiritual test and a dangerous trek; these are all the descriptions that fit One Mile Above, which has been likened to The Motorcycle Diaries.

One Mile Above4 One-Mile-Above

“One Mile Above” is a short (90 minute), beautiful-written story about brotherly love, courage, determination and personal growth. With the best cinematography I have ever seen in any cycling film and several heartwarming scenes that touch on the true beauty of exploring the world by bike, “One Mile Above” is a film I wholeheartedly recommend to anyone with a passion for bicycle travel.

While the acting in the film is a little over the top in some scenes, and the cycling is made to look much harder than I know it to be, the film does a great job of capturing the emotion of what it’s like to be on the road by yourself, traveling by bike, meeting strangers in a foreign land and having to deal with the many obstacles that come with such an endeavor.
Watch this film! I promise you won’t regret it!

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