A young trail-blazer, known as ‘Riceman 2011’ has spent considerable time and effort on visiting all 50 states of the USA – and proving his arrival by standing in front of a recognisable landmark or backdrop while waving the American flag with a broad cheesy grin on his face.

Due to its appalling quality and below-par flag waving it actually turns out pretty funny.

His journey – that took him 1 year, 9 months and 2 days to complete –  brought him to all the far corners of the American territory –  including the sun-kissed confines of Oahu, in Hawaii, and the frozen contours of Alaska, in the height of winter.

USA southernmost point

He is also pictured standing at the monument which marks the southernmost point of the USA – at the lowest edge of Key West in Florida.

The Alaska leg of the odyssey was clearly the most demanding, the footage showing ‘Riceman 2011’ grimacing in sub-zero temperatures as snow billows around him.

Although the extent of his travels is apparent, he gives away little about himself

“I was lucky enough to visit all 50 states by myself and I waved an American Flag in each. All the states are shown in reverse alphabetical order. Shown in the spirit of the USA’s Independence Day!
In case y’all are wondering what state I’m from…the stars at night, are big and bright *clap clap clap clap*, deep in the heart of TEXAS! (But I love all the states…except maybe one)”


Which one could that be?!