Alex and Debbie Bogard made a round the world trip. They bought a rtw ticket, hopped on a plane and moved around the globe. They brought a frisbee. Like many people do. And they threw it around in each place they visited. So far pretty normal. But once the Bogard’s got home they edited it all together into a funky ‘throwing a frisbee around the world’ video where it looks like they are throwing it from each place to the next one they visited.

Ultimate RTW Journey: Throwing a Frisbee Around the World

A Frisbee Round the World Trip

The Bogards started their mission in England. From the UK they traveled to Finland, then Japan, China and Hong Kong in Asia. Then they threw their disk in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, the USA, Canada, and Belize from September 2008 – May 2009.

In the video they throw the frisbee from video shot into the next shot, filmed on a completely different location. It gives the impression they are literally throwing the disk from Australia to New Zealand and onwards to Fiji…and so on. It makes for a pretty original travel video that kicksass.

The editing is not of the highest professionality – and it is not as extreme as Golfing across Mongolia – but that doesn’t mean it is not a fun take on a normal rtw trip.

So remember to bring your frisbee on your next trip.