Zilla van den Born recently made world headlines with her Fake Facebook Trip to Thailand in which she photoshopped herself traveling through South-East Asia – while in reality she sat home in Holland – on facebook. Quickly dubbed Fakebook trip her video and photo edits went viral on the world wide web.

Although impressive, Zilla’s fake travel imagery is very average when compared to the stunt Aurélien Dupuis managed to pull off. He created a fake cycling trip around the world by ‘Vélib’, the French public free/rental bikes you see all over Paris. And the photos are absolutely stunning.

Velib2 Velib Velib12 Velib9

The Vélib bike is probably the world’s most unsuitable bike for a round the world trip. But thanks to the talent as a photographer and graphic designer Aurélien takes us around the world on one of those unixex bicycles. He starts with the terminal of the Paris airport and continues to some very exotic locations around the globe:  the United States (New Mexico, California), Iceland, Japan, China, Vietnam, Greenland, Australia, Mauritania, Libya, Kenya, Rwanda, Madagascar, Bolivia, Bali, Austria …

And the resulting photos are impressive……
In a time where travelers seem to experience their journey more through the lens of their iPhones & Cameras, and where backpackers care more about their Facebook and Instagram photo updates then the real experience of the moment, these images are maybe even better then any real trip could have been…….

Velib tdm - Paris airport Velib24 Velib23 Velib22 Velib21 Velib20 Velib19 Velib18 Velib17 Velib16 Velib15 Velib14 Velib13 Velib11 Velib10 Velib8 Velib7 Velib6 Velib5 Velib4 Velib3 Velib1


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