Kapstand, a 29-year-old break dancer, has won Instagram fame for epic photos of him performing one-armed handstands in front of Paris’ most well-known monuments.

Kapstand-instagram-eiffel tower

He is not the first one to gain internet fame handstanding his way around. French breakdancer Julien Caudrelier, alias Parkim, made a 8 month world tour by one-handed-handstand / handjump and documented it in an awesome video.

Then there is The Naked Handstander who Travels around the World Upside Down in his ‘Birthday Suit. Albeit using two hands, it is impressive nonetheless.

Kapstand added a visually stunning photo series to the “handstanding travel movement”.

centre pompidou

He moved to Paris eight months ago and while walking around the city with a friend, they started to take pictures of him doing hand stands in front of famous buildings and tourist attractions for fun.

Kapstand said he got inspired to start his “OneHandStand Project” by Murad Osmann and his “Follow Me” series. The spectacular landmarks and the anonymity from being photographed from behind are striking qualities shared by both projects. What sets Kapstand apart is his perfectly executed handstand that seems to defy gravity and makes for an amazing show of skill. Oh, and there’s Paris in the background too.

kapstand-paris-place-colette kapstand-paris-PLACE-IGOR-STRAVINSKYkapstand eiffel tower kapstand-paris-Passage-of-Grand-Cerf kapstand-paris-Ourcq-Canal kapstand-paris-Louvre

He said: ‘When I arrived in Paris I took advantage of some walks in town with a friend to take some photos of my favourite move

‘It gradually became a game and I created an account on Instagram to post them. People liked them and the comments were very encouraging – it became a project.

‘I’m now hoping to travel and take pictures around the world. I’d love to go to places like New York and Machu Picchu.’

The Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Louvre and Notre Dame are just some of the famous Parisienne attractions where the time-freezing dancer, who goes by the name of Kapstand, has been photographed.

The 29-year-old has been practising b-boying, a dance technique which involves stopping the body while in motion and balancing very still, since he was 14.

kapstand-paris-Les-Halles kapstand-paris-Gardens-of-Versailles1 kapstand-paris-Gardens-of-Versailles kapstand-6-600x600 kapstand-3-600x600 kapstand00 kapstand

Kapstand has explained that he hides his face to remain anonymous and that he’d ideally like to expand his project to places around the world, like New York and Machu Picchu. For now, though, it’s pretty damn kickass just to watch him tear up Paris.

You can follow Kapstand on Facebook and Instagram for the latest and greatest of his project.

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