It is said you get the best ideas while taking a bath or a shower. And with all this ‘bathing inspiration’ indeed some kickass bathtub ideas have emerged. Previously Mervyn Kinkead sailed a Bathtub across the Irish Sea from Northern-Ireland to Scotland setting a world first with this mode of transport.
Now an unknown man from Almaty, Kazakhstan has made a world’s first by making his bathtub road-worthy and ‘drivable’! A real Mototub. Or Motovanna / мотованна in Russian.


Mototub driving around Almaty, Kazakhstan

On the 2nd of July, 2013, an unknown man was spotted driving around in the streets of Almaty in his bathtub  (алматы ванная машина).

Wearing no clothes and with a towel wrapped around his shoulders, the man drove his classic, virgin white bathtub around town. He even had a little bathtub trailer hooked up behind his master bathtub.

Mototub in Almaty (Kazakhstan)

Mototub in Almaty (Kazakhstan)

driving your bathtub (mototub) around town

driving your bathtub (mototub) around town

A few days after his stunt the police managed to find this mystery bathtub driver. It appeared to be a repair man of automotive equipment who decided to carry out his bathtub experiment just for fun. Luckily the police appreciated the experiment and let him go with a warning.

Have a look at his hilarious bathtub ride through the streets of Kazakhstan.

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