In another take on the popular tagline ‘around the world in 80 days’ Turner Barr has come up with a work and travel variant: Around the World in 80 Jobs.
Work and travel abroad are a common gap-year experience for a lot of people these days. Mostly they stick to one country to the likes of Australia or Canada. Not so Turner Barr, who decided he wanted to go ‘around the world in 80 jobs’.

Around the world in 80 jobs - Turner Barr

Around the world in 80 Jobs

Turner is a laid back American guy who after a year of traveling in South America was on the brink of starting his own hostel in Cali, Colombia. However, the recession hit and he lost most of his savings. His dreams were shattered but instead of sobbing and wining Barr decided to take control of his destiny. He created the website with the goal of taking on as many different types of jobs and life/work experiences as possible and his Around the world in 80 Jobs project was born.

With his website he hopes to cut out the romanticized fantasies about what it takes to live life overseas and aims to show you how to find meaningful experiences and gainful employment abroad.

In a similar fashion to Mark van der Heijden – aka the backpacker intern – Barr combines travel with working abroad to find his ultimate dream job. The backpacker intern seemed slightly more successful though as he managed to work for and with Avicii and Nile Rodgers within the first months of his experiment.

Around the world n 80 jobs by Turner Barr

Barr explained how he goes about:

Some are jobs that make money while others are more for the cultural experience. After I left college, I was at a loss. I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life and felt that much of what I had learned was heavily influenced by the American cultural norm of just go out and make as much money as you can — then you will be deemed successful and worthy. But after my first major trip to South America, I knew that living abroad and working overseas was what I wanted to do and was paramount to just making money.

Barr has been doing a wide variety of jobs. The coolest being a Krampus in Austria during their Christmas time. The Krampus is part yeti/abominable snowman, part demon who punishes children who have been bad and wards away bad spirits. No other non-Alpine man has ever had the honours of doing this so this made it all extra special. Barr went around the Austrian Alps dodging snowy blizzards with 20 Austrian guys who spoke little English performing for the festival.


Barr takes on literally all types of jobs and even was a toilette attendant at a festival for children.

So far he has travelled to about 90 something countries, but for his ‘around the world in 80 jobs’ project he has made it to 42 countries thus far. His favourite places are Thailand, Colombia, and Mexico. But if he had to pick one place to go to tomorrow it would be to go back to the Galapagos. “That place is pure magic” Barr said.

The Brand Name dispute

Two years into his ‘around the world in 80 jobs’ project Barr got the surprise of his life when Adecco, the world’s largest provider of HR solution, stole his idea and launched a global ad campaign under the same name. They hired an ad firm to come up with a global marketing campaign to target unemployed youths to engage their company, made a promo video using an actor that looked like Barr, acted like him, and even shot footage of the jobs in the same way Barr had done with a GoPro. They also attempted to trademark my brand name globally.

Around the world in 80 jobs - the brand name dispute

On June 20, 2013, blogger Turner Barr went public on his blog, with the Adecco dispute. Adecco had claimed a trademark on the term “Around the World in 80 Jobs,” which they had used for their marketing campaign. Barr contended that his brand and likeness had been stolen. The story quickly went viral, particularly in the travel blogging community with people stepping up on social media in favour of the small travel blogger using #makeitright hashtags.  On June 26, 2013, Adecco agreed to Turner’s terms, issued a public apology, and changed the name of its contest to the “Work Experience Contest”

It gave Barr’s project worldwide attention and a whole range of job possibilities opened up. To see what job he is currently engaged in go have a look at his website

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