We all know the kiwi’s got a special gene for inventing new adventures. They were the ones after all who crossed the Cook strait in bumper boats!
Now Chloe Phillips-Harris a one of a kind adventurer specialised in horse kickassness – invented a new way of enjoying the shallow New Zealand sea waters: horse wakeboarding.


Lacking a boat, but not horse power, Chloe decided to take her friend wakeboarding by horse.

Chloe, a professional horse trainer in Kawakawa (NZ), and Nikita Osborne, a vet and horse rider herself too (in Kerikeri, NZ), trained a wild Kaimanawa horse to gallop through the surf with a wakeboarder skimming along behind.


“This is what NZ girls do when we want to go wakeboarding but don’t have a boat, use your horse. This is me, my best friend Niki and her top level dressage horse all doing what we love. Can’t wait of summer, warm water and to get back into this again.”

Not one of a kind adventurer Chloe participated and impressed in the Mongol Derby, the world’s longest horse race, soon after. More to follow on this horse powered kickass adventurer.

Find out about all her kickass adventures on her personal website http://chloephillipsharris.com/