GoPro travels videos are an inescapable phenomenon in the world these days. From Highfiving across the worlddancing badly around the world, growing an epic beard while hiking the PCT or walking across China. Now photographer Prozi pix (great artistic pseudonym) has literally taken a different spin on a GoPro Circle time-lapse travel video. Capturing his trip across Europe he made spinning selfie video which all edited together give a nice and dizzy dazzling perspective of his journey.

GoPro Circle spinning selfie video

It starts with him being a bored student and ends with a life action packed of travels and adventures. The video is dedicated to “all students who are bored” and it spins you through one and a half years of his seemingly very exciting life traveling through Europe. Every traveler and backpacker will recognize the great vibe of a life on the road and the serendipity that sparks adventures no matter where.

Have a look for your daily dose of kickass travel inspiration that will want you reach for your backpack and hit the road…



The places visited in the video are:

Poland : Gdansk, Gdynia, Sopot, Żukowo, Piła, Warsaw, Poznan, Wroclaw, Bialystok, Charzykowy, Ustka, Szczecin
France – Paris
Austria – Hintertux
Sweden – Vaxjo
Spain – Barcelona, Madrit
Italy – Catania (Sicily Island), Rimini
Germany – Berlin
Holland – Amsterdam