A smaller trip, through your own house, in a roller coaster, but so kickass that it has to be covered here nonetheless.

roller coaster ride through your future house

Selling your house these days is quite a hassle. If you are not ready to drop the price into the bargain region you really gotta do something special to stand out and make your house look like the ultimate one.

Netherlands-based bank ABN Amro realised this and, as a logical publicity stunt, came up with a kickass new way of showing househunters around houses for sale on the market. They installed a custom-built rollercoaster in the ‘for sale properties’ and let prospective buyers literally have the ride of their lives through their future dream house.

The roller coaster stunt was part of a month-long campaign that’s offering customers help with selling their home in a number of innovative ways. Some can win their own radio commercial or have their house advertised on a mega public billboard.

However, one participant was lucky enough to have a rollercoaster built right through his own house. The ride goes through all the rooms, apart from the toilet. Oh well i guess they keep that for a white water course around the house in the near future.

The roller coaster includes surprise drops, steep descends and crazy hairpin turns to make the house viewing unforgettable.

It is unknown though if the house has been sold with or without the installed rollercoaster.

Kickass nonetheless.