The Trans-Siberian railway journey from Moscow to Beijing via Mongolia (often named Trans-Mongolian as well) is one of the world’s most iconic train trips. The 7622km journey takes 7 days of non-stop train sitting while seeing a big chunk of Siberia rolling by out of your window.

Stanislas Giroux took it a bit easier by adding some stopovers in Irkutsk and Ulan Bator turning the trip in a three week one. Of that trip he created a kickass three minute video that captures the three countries (Russia, Mongolia and China) and their cultures.


He traveled the route on seat 22 and managed to give you a unique and highly inspiring view of a journey that is on many people’s bucket list.

The medical student-turned-filmmaker turned his train journey into this rather kickass travel film – one that explores the various cultures that can be found along the way and begins to do justice to one of the most epic rail journeys in the world.

Have a look for yourself and get ready to wanting to pack your bags for a long train on your next holiday!