Walking on stilts is a mean feat by itself. If you are twelve and climb Wales’ highest mountain on them you are a little kickass mean machine!!

On Aug 19, 1977 Emma Sian Disley did exactly that: she stilt walked up 3560 feet tall Mt Snowdon using stilts all the way. She covered 2500 vertical feet in 4 hours, 5 minutes, 45 seconds to raise money for the the International Fund for Animal Welfare.
“I’ve been using stilts since I was 7,” chirped Emma after reaching the summit, “and I thought it would be a new way to raise money.”

Emma Disley walks up Mount Snowdon on stilts1

Trailed by a convoy of  journalists, Emma completed the trek in four and a half hours, earning nearly $700 for her favorite charity. Taking on big challenges is what she got from her Dad John, a former world record holder in the steeplechase, and her Mom, Sylvia, who ran for Britain in the 1948 and 1952 Olympics.
“She’s very determined,” said her Mum.
Like mother, like daughter we say!

Emma Disley walks up Mount Snowdon on stilts2 Emma Disley walks up Mount Snowdon on stilts3

For Emma, though, enough was enough. On the descent from Snowdon’s mist-shrouded pinnacle, she and her parents clambered aboard a railway car and enjoyed the rest of the trip sitting down.
Well deserved train trip down indeed.

Source: http://tallpuppets.com/MountSnowdonwalk.jpg