Even the traffic police were in shock when they were overtaken on the highway by a bathtub on wheels at a speed of 60 km/h. Its driver was Roman Bilyk – the driveable bathtub creator – together with his friend Artem Shiperenko. They were on their way from Odessa to Kiev to prove their bathtub on wheels – aka Mototub – was sturdy and roadworthy. And to just have a good laugh.

from Odessa to Kiev (edited)

The Creation of the Mototub

Their creation the ‘Mototub’ (Motovanna / мотованна in Russian) was constructed out of an ordinary bathtub and a 15 year old Suzuki motorbike which Bilyk had bought for 150 euro some years before. With a petrol usage of 1L per 25 kilomters it is a pretty efficient bathtub too.

With their sanitary miracle technology the two friends left Odessa at 11 am April 25 (2007) and they arrived in Kiev by 14:00h the next day.

“We spent more than a day awake, driving almost non-stop. Once we had a good pace we just wanted to continue.” said Bilyk who drove most of the way.
Shiperenko was in the back: “it was very difficult to sit on the edge of the tub in the back, behind the driver but for me there was no other place. My ass really hurt during and especially after the trip” – complained Artem

from Odessa to Kiev1 (edit)

Like any good adventure the trip was not without any mishaps.

“We had several flat tires, nearly crashed into a car and there was the constant danger of capsizing. En route we bought fuel from the local people in bottles of lemonade as our fuel tank was not that big”

Logically they got a great deal of attention for their Mototub on the road “We always had to stop and pose for the cameras. Even the traffic cops wanted to snap a picture of us with their mobile phone” – Roman laughs.

On the outskirts of Odessa the traffic police even played a joke on us “The inspector stopped us and with an iron tone in his voice he asked us for our bathtub license papers while trying to suppress a smile”.

To their great delight Igor Pidchib – representative for the Ukrainian Book of Records – announced that their trip will get a mention in the record book. “The journey will go down in the annals of Ukrainian Records as” the longest journey without leaving the bathroom, ”

It is however not the first time a motorized bathtub has been sighted. In 2013 a Mototub driver – with just a towel wrapped around his waist –  was sighted in Almaty, Kazakhstan and not long after an Irish gent made his bathtub seaworthy and sailed it across the Irish sea from Scotland to Northern-Ireland

from Odessa to Kiev2 (edit)


Roman explained that the idea for the MotoTub came to him when he found old cast iron bath at the dump, The engine that he used came from a Suzuki motorcycle that he crashed. In the process he broke his leg and the doctor banned him from driving a bike until was fully recovered. Roman got bored in his recovery period and decided to fit the bathtub with his crashed motorbike engine. Afterall the doctors did not ban him from driving a bathtub!

Diogen198985 motorized bathtub

Once the mototub was built it needed to be tested. So Roman and his friend Artem Shapirenko decided to go for an adventurous drive from Odessa to Kiev. And back. It was a thousand kilomter heroic and kickass trip with Roan driving and Artem in the back of the tub.

“After I got back to Odessa I drove around in my bathtub for almost four months, as I for medical reasons I was not allowed to drive a motorbike or a car, but no so rules apply to bathtubs on wheels!”

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