Here at kickasstrips we love kickass contraptions like the world’s biggest skateboard (which was crashed in spectacular kickass fashion). Next up in kickass-land is the world’s biggest & longest snowboard. And there are actually three contenders for that title: some Swiss friends, a Jewish snowboarding group and the Americans from Signal snowboards.

The biggest & longest snowboard

Now Arnold Schindler wanted to snowboard with his friends. Not all riding their own boards, no he wanted all of them to fit on one snowboard. For this he created a snowboard that can accommodate 20 people at a time. With dimension of 10m long and 2.15m wide it is the world’s biggest snowboard and it is a hell of a (crowded) ride.

world biggest snowboard


The board was constructed by Arnold Schindler and his team from Schindler and Scheibling AG in Flumserberg, Switzerland in March 2007.

Minyan the Longest Snowboard

In 2009 Eric Sweet created the world’s longest snowboard by fixating 10 cut-off snowboard bases together. The result was a 36-foot snowboard named the ‘Minyan snowboard’ that had place for ten people at the same time.
Sweet teamed up with several friends and launched it into the depths of the Jackson Hole mountain resort on the 1st of April 2009. And it wasn’t even an April’s fool stunt.

Minyan Board longest snowboard

“On the one hand, it seems like a ridiculous thing to do,” said Wilson who was one of the riders. “But it’s come to shape pretty fast.”

Sweet’s attempt to launch his giant, snake-like board comes with an odd twist, though. All 10 riders were Jewish, including Sweet.
“It was more difficult to put 10 Jews together and agree on something,” Sweet said. “That’s part of what I think is funny: With 10 Jews, can we actually pull it off? I don’t know. With 10 Jews on a snowboard, it’s going to be hard for us to look athletic.”

To construct the Minyan Board, the team cut off the tips and ends of recycled snowboards and connected them. Each snowboard could detach, allowing the team to take the board up a chairlift one board at a time. The team then assembled the board after getting off the chairlift.

Minyan Board longest snowboard1

On April 1 they rode the board from the top of the Eagle’s Rest and Teewinot lifts and “It went about as smoothly as making a 36-foot snowboard can go,” Sweet said.

Signal’s Longest Snowboard out of one Core

Snowboard brand Signal created another mammoth snowboard striving for the title ‘longest snowboard in the world’. For the 2014 season opening day at Mammoth Mountain they made a special mammoth board!

longest snowboard0 (Small)

They didn’t just screw a whole range of boards together but actually opted for a real, one core, snowboard of 10-foot long (304 cm).

The entire Signal factory needed to be rearranged to create this kickass behemoth board and a whole lot of extra glue and material was needed to create this longest, one piece, snowboard ever.

longest snowboard construction1 (Small) longest snowboard construction (Small)

“We have a 10 foot snowboard mould here custom made by our crew. But that’s the funniest thing about this build is that nothing, none of these parts fit with any machines that we have out here. This is maybe one of the harder things to do! Keep the graphic straight! It could easily just run of the side. I can’t even imagine doing this solo. There is so much material and so many places on the board you could screw up alignment. You definitely need, hands!! Its gone be fast”

A lot of extra edges to be sharpened as well.

 longest snowboard, doing the edges (Small)

Once ready the board was mounted on top of a 4Runner car (obviously it did not fit in the car) and the crew arrived just in time for opening day at Mammoth Mountain. Signal team rider Ian Thorley took the board for a spin (from 5min20sec in the video below) and even pulled off some one-eighties, box slides and rail slides with the monstrous board (from 5min55sec). He literally turned heads as he lapped the snowpark and kicked the Mammoth season off in a BIG way!

longest snowboard1 (Small)

Have a look at the video which shows the entire construction process and the eventual hilarious board riding on Mammoth mountain.