Britain has a long tradition as a sea-faring nation. And even sailing crazy contraptions seems to be a truly British affair. After some mates sailed a bouncy castle across Lake Garda, and a dude sailed a bathtub across the Irish sea now three former military mates decided to sail a Batman bouncy castle to the Isle of Wight!

paddle a bouncy castle2 (Small)

Sailing a Bouncy Castle

Major Matt Smith, Captain Andy Ellis and Captain Terry Williams were attempting to paddle & sail their batman bouncy castle from Hampshire (on the UK ‘mainland’) to Colwell Bay on the Isle of Wight. They opted for the 8ft superhero bouncy castle, aptly named Her Majesty’s (HMS) Implausible, to raise money for the charity ‘Help for Heroes’.

batman bouncy castle sailing

The three men came up with the idea on a flight back from South America, where they had toured through Peru and Paraguay and were looking for a new adventure. They said: “We initially wanted to cross the Channel, but we thought that would be too much so we decided to go to the Isle of Wight.”

Their goal was to complete the one mile challenge in just over an hour but when the tide set in, and they started drifting towards open sea, emergency forces had to be called upon to safe their day.

The craft was kept inflated using two leaf-blowers and had undergone extensive testing in a swimming pool and a canal, but this was its first sea voyage.

batman bouncy castle sailing3 (Small)

It encountered trouble early on when the team decided to put it in the water to tow it to the start point rather than carry it to save time after their support crew was delayed by traffic. Amid farcical scenes it was hit by a wave which flipped the leaf blowers into the sea, causing them to stop working and the bouncy castle to deflate.

batman bouncy castle sailing2

On their second attempt the batman fans had got about halfway across when the bouncy castle started veering away in the direction of the open sea and the challenge had to be called off.

paddle a bouncy castle1 (Small) paddle a bouncy castle (Small)

Despite the failure the servicemen may still attempt the challenge in future and said they had learnt a lot from the experience.

Capt Williams said: “Once we knew we’d missed the tide we knew we wouldn’t succeed, but thought we’d see what we could learn from the experience. We learned quite a lot. It took the waves incredibly well. We think it is achievable with minor changes, so we’re actually quite buoyed up from what happened. It was incredibly good fun and we raised some money for charity.”

Maybe it is better to leave these kind of ventures to the Navy in the future boys…..

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