In May 2013 three Irish lads – Iain McNamara, Chris McGrath and Kevin Cobbe – left Ireland aka the Emerald Isle armed with a round the world ticket, a limited budget and a dodgy all weather camera. Their goal was to ‘Instill Irishness Abroad’  by crossing the globe in their own unique way (as if crossing the Irish sea in a bathtub was not good enough); In each place they visited they performed the same traditional Irish dance. After 1 year, 23 countries, a wicked choreography and a whole lot of craic they edited all this global dancing together.

Irish dancing around the world1 (Small)spreading Irsihness abroad

The clips are accompanied by the notoriously kickass music and footfalls of “Riverdance,” and McNamara, McGrath and Cobbe get increasingly tanned and dancing skilled as the video goes on.

So think “lord of the dance  goes traveling” or an Irish version of “Where the Hell is Matt?!: Dancing badly around the World” and you get an idea about the funky dance they performed globally. Have a look at their kickass travel dancing video: