Thinking about changing your life?! Take Andrei Rosu as an epic example.
Andrei Rosu is a former member of the ’90s Romanian pop group Gaz pe Foc (“Gas on the Fire”), who went on to work in finance after his glorious superstar days were over. He worked for 10 years as a corporate Sales and Human Resource guru before deciding he needed a change. A big change. This is the story how he went from a popstar to becoming a professional runner, record breaker, public speaker and fitness advocate, running 7 Marathons & 7 Ultramarathons on 7 Continents

North Pole Run & Drum Session

Gaz per Foc was a hot boyband that had a bunch of hits in the Romanian charts in the nineties. They were considered the ‘Romanian Backstreet Boys” with hits like “Adio” (“Farewell”), “Spune-mi” (“Tell me”) and “Vreau să fiu cu tine” (“I want to be with you”). Together with Lucian Viziru, Paul Panait and Alin Lupşa, Roşu lived a popstar lifestyle that went on until 2000 when the band broke up.

Popstar Andrei Rosu in Gaz Pe Foc (on the far right)

Popstar Andrei Rosu in Gaz Pe Foc (on the far right)

From that moment on Rosu went on to work in Finance, have a normal life and started a family.

Then in January 2010, Rosu decided to make a major change in his sedentary lifestyle, to become a role model for his 1 year old boy, Alex, and to run his first marathon. Without any athletic background, he managed to train for and  to successfully finish the Uvu North Pole Marathon (April 2010), despite the extreme weather and terrain conditions. He became the first Romanian to run this marathon and the youngest one to ever reach the North Pole.
And in truly kickass fashion he also became  the first (and only) man on Earth who has ever played the drums at the North Pole.


Not as kickass as Metallica performing their ‘Freeze ‘Em All’ show on the South Pole but definitely equally kickass as playing cricket on the South Pole (coming all the way from the North Pole)…..especially after running a snowy marathon.

……And what better song to play at -35 degrees Celsius than something from Coldplay!

7 Marathons 7 Ultramarathons 7 Continents

After that Rosu got the hang of it and went on to run 7 marathons on 7 continents, in less than one year. By doing so he became one of the first 50 runners in the world part of the Marathon Grand Slam Club.
Marathon Grand Slam Club is comprised of runners who have completed a marathon distance of 42.195 km (26.2 miles) or longer on each of the Seven Continents and on the Arctic Ocean at the North Pole Marathon.

Andrei-Rosu (Small) Andrei Rosu 7(ultra) Marathons (Small)

In 2003 Ranulph Fiennes (the great British explorer) did it one better by running 7 Marathons on 7 Continents in 7 Days, during his self-named 7x7x7 Challenge.

7 Ultramarathons on 7 Continents

Once Rosu realised that he really enjoyed running marathons and was actualy quite good at it he shifted his attention to ever longer races. After running a 100 km race in Antarctica (December 2010), he came up with the idea of also running 7 ultra marathons on each continent.

Within two years of his first marathon Rosu completed his kickass goal!

Andrei Rosu’s latest marathons were in New Zealand and Brazil. The 53-km route in New Zealand took him 7 hours and 49 minutes to complete, while the 50-km one in Brazil was done in 5 hours and 22 minutes.

Andrei ran 14 (ultra) marathons and choose some of the most scenic, but also difficult, running races of at least 42,195km around the world: apart from the North Pole he ran at the Australian Outback Marathon, at the Eurasia Marathon, the Antarctic Ice Marathon and he went to Africa for the Sahara Marathon before moving up to the high altitude Everest Marathon.

Australian-Outback-Marathon-00-3 andrei-rosu-dead-sea-ultra-iordania-50-km (Small) andrei rosu Everest (Small)

His efforts were recognized by the Guinness World Records and in March 2012 he was certified as the first man on Earth who ran 7 marathons 7 ultramarathons 7 continents.